Why Sales Jobs May Be a Smart Career Option During a Recession

Believe it or not, sales jobs may be one of the best career choices during a recession. At first glance, this may sound strange, since people tend to stop spending money during a recession. Naturally, you would think that this would mean sales jobs would be laying people off left and right. After all, if people are not buying, why should a company keep on a sales force? Yet, the opposite tends to happen during a recession, and this recession is no exception. For the most part, not only are existing sales jobs safe, but new ones are being created at a brisk pace. Here's why.

One of the largest tasks of any company during a recession is to drum up new business. The more new business a company can generate, the better it will do financially and the better chance it will have of staying in business through the recession. A big part of the job of a company's sales force is to generate new business .. Sales people not only sell products, they develop leads. These leads are always important, but are especially critical during tough economic times. Companies want to keep as many people on staff as possible which primary job is to bring in new customers. That's why many companies continue to hire sales personnel during recessions.

Further, most sales jobs are both salary and commission-based. This means you get a base salary, and a commission on top of that whenever you sell something. Some companies pay agreements just for generating leads. Depending on how good you are at your job, this can mean a lot of extra money in your pocket. People who are good at sales jobs may find themselves with pockets lined with cash during down economic times, while their non-sales friends are struggling.

Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you might think to make a sale during a recession. When times are tough, people want to feel pampered to stave off the blues, so they'll spend money on small luxuries like short stays at a resort, massages, and make-overs. They also always need certain things, like cable and cell phone service, so those may be easier sells than non-essential things, especially if your company is offering a good deal. So, if you're looking for work during a recession, consider sales jobs. They may just be your ticket to good financial times in a bad economy.