Why can’t the CU Buffs win the Pac-12?

CU Buffs: 2020 Pac-12 Football Champions.

Look, why go just half-crazy here?

Let’s embrace the full Looney Tunes. We’re scheduling football games with less than 48 hours notice. The only reasonable path for the Pac-12 or BYU to reach the College Football Playoff, at this point, is via the mother of all COVID outbreaks along the South and East. Or a wave of alien abductions.

It’s 2020. If we’re gonna get weird, let’s get really weird. Gonzo weird.

Like the Buffs (3-0) winning not just the South division — been there, done that, back in 2016 — but the whole dang thing.

It’s still mathematically on the table, isn’t it? The next two regular-season games, if played — and that’s a massive “if,” as we learned last week — are winnable: at Arizona (0-3, No. 77 Massey composite college football ranking) this Saturday, versus Utah (0-2, No. 99) on Friday, Dec. 11.

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