When Do You Just Give Up

When do you quit? When do you say, "This is not going to work," and then stop?

When does it become too difficult and not worth the sacrifice?

I'm sure you have wondered about this. I know I have.

Everyone working toward a dream or desire wonders about this. Yes, even the most wildly successful people ask themselves this question.

So how do you answer it?

It depends on two things:

1. How badly you want to live a life doing what you know in your heart you are mean to do.

2. Your thoughts on what it takes to get there.

How badly do you want to figure out your passion in life and live it? I know some people who for them doing work they love is a nice idea but not really worth the investment. They are more comfortable dealing with what they have and what they know about their life and career and are uncomfortable trading that in for the unknowns of a career change.

By the way I should tell you, I know other people who do not believe that in the first place they can do work they love and make money. They do not even consider pursuing a dream. That way they do not need to know when, or if, to give up.

There are still other people probably like you who feel differently about doing work they are passionate about.

I know I did. I could not just go to a JOB everyday. I had to spend my time on this planet doing something that mattered to me. It was a deep burning desire to do work that was significant, that I looked forward to, that was an authentic expression of ME! And even as I struggled to find what my purpose was and doubted myself plenty of times along the way I knew at my core there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. There was to be more than a corporate job which depleted me each day of all of my energy simply because it was not an expression of my true self.

But then there was the process of figuring out what I was meant to do in the first place. I was moving from the familiarity of a job I did not like to an awakening that I was not absolutely sure I would have.

This is where many of you may be getting beaten up.

You see, it's not easy. In fact it is hard. But that's not the whole picture. Let me explain.

You already have preconceived ideas about what it takes to conceal your purpose and go through a career change. It's these perceptions that are determining the likelihood of your success.

If you keep focusing on how much you are struggling, how uncomfortable you feel not having all of the answers, and how unhappy you are about where you are today, of course you will be wondering if you should give up. Who would not?

But if you focus on the dream, the vision of what your life and career could be, and how you will feel when you get there, you will not seriously consider giving up.

It would be impossible. Your soul would not let you.

When you keep your eye on the prize, the dream starts to feel REAL. You start feeling today what you expect to feel in the future, when your dream comes true. This gives you a taste of what is possible.

Once you get that taste there's no turning back.

There is no giving up.