Use Price Action – It's the Best Forex Education You Can Get

People that are looking for a forex education are always looking in the wrong areas. They do not really want an education. They just want something that will make them rich without having to spend anytime learning about how to properly trade. I do not blame them of course. We all want to be rich without actually doing the work. But just as in life, forex is no different. If you want the success, you are going to have to put the hours in. It's as simple as that.

A Forex education means just that, an education. How can anyone call getting signals telling you where to trade or having some magnetic indicator telling you exactly when to open a trade and when to close it, and education? I could see the attraction, but more often than not, these kind of methods only lead to failure. Think about it, you are basically just a robot. If it were this simple, how come we do not hear more about forex traders who became millionaires on the news? Because it is not that easy.

You need to take a look back to see how the successful traders mastered the market. And that usually comes in two words: PRICE ACTION. Price action is real. There is no misinterpretation. There is no fancy colors or lines that may look pretty on your chart, but do not amount to a hill of beans in practical terms. This is what some of the most famous traders understand about the markets. They realize no indicator can top the human mind.