Understanding Scientific Terminology – Getting the Right Mindset and the Right Information

I remember when I started studying science (a while ago now!) I would always be really excited that a new understanding or discovery was just around the corner.

Thoughts and Experiences: When I first started studying everything was great and I progressed well, but, as time went on I had to remember new scientific terminology and scientific words. All these words, terms and meanings seemed to mold together and I would spend a huge amount of time trying to recall which one mean what.

I even wrote my own scientific terms dictionary scribbled on paper. It was neat at first but then got hard to follow. I never quite grasped the true meanings and ended up writing down something that was not the exact meaning. I gave up writing it as I did not want to trip myself up or waste precious time.

I would also be told to check my books, which also took up a surprisingly large amount of time due to these books using other terms or words that I would then have to look up to grasp the meaning of the first word I was needing to understand … I got quite stressed and it got in the way of my studies.

Beliefs and Understanding: Notes are infinitely useful but they are not always quickly or easily found and they can be left somewhere or they can be lost or damaged. The place for notes in our new and modern age is purely for revision purposes I feel.

What is needed now is a source that is easily accessible, that is unable to be lost, that is accurate, that is understandable and relaxed but is specific and exact. An online science glossary.

The problem with relying upon a book to explain something is that it will generally be in "its own language" by which I mean, within the context of the book it is making sense, but in a different environment (that is EXACTLY the same) you could become lost and here and see words and terms that you suddenly do not understand and this can really shake someone's self belief, especially within the science world.

The Solution: What is needed is an online science glossary that covers all terms and words that you might come across if you were to choose to read from a different source. Suddenly, you know what this particular word means and understand and do not have to trail through books to find the meaning of some new science terminology that you already know and after spending your time looking you find that this specific science terminology is a word that means exactly the same thing as the other word that you already already knew.
Very frustrating.

The future is within indisputable, indestructible, quickly accessible & easily understandable online electronic information and we should not be ignoring an easier future within a scientific terms dictionary.