UM education student teaches Missoula Online Academy learning pod | Local News

“We’ve had some ups and downs, especially in the beginning, but we’ve all had to kind of support each other through this, and it’s worked out very nicely,” Moriarity said.

For the kids, having Carey in the room has made a world of difference from the spring, when they had the support of parents and grandparents rather than a teacher-in-training.

“The thing that’s way better now than last spring is, they’re really having fun with learning. They feel like the pod is a highlight of their week,” said Listug-Vap. “I don’t think it replaces the whole school experience, but for our family, I think it was the right decision to bring as much magic as possible to this strange school year.”

Moriarity said Carey has been able to make what feels like two-dimensional learning through the online academy three-dimensional, as well as provide a more typical school structure the kids are used to.

“Last night at dinner (Lucie and Amelia) were talking about how they’re going to have a ‘Star of the Week’ in their class, and they’re planning a little Halloween party. It’s provided some of that normalcy that they so missed last spring and is very important in their stage of development,” Moriarity said.

Currently committed to the pod through the end of December, Carey and the families are unsure of what spring semester will look like in terms of schooling options through MCPS, but all parties are hoping they can continue the pod in some capacity.

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