Training Company To Learn Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate University

In recent years, affiliate marketing has caught and eye of a lot of people. Being the newbies, people will try to learn affiliate marketing on their own. I will tell you that that is impossible, I learned the affiliate marketing by following the step by step training provided by Wealthy Affiliate University. I tried learning on my own and I realized that it is not the way to go. You need training to learn affiliate marketing because with a strong foundation you will build your business! Without it you will give up sooner or later. If you learn the funds of affiliate marketing, in two months you will most likely be on your way to success! Of course, as long as you are willing to put some work into it.

There are a lot of eBooks written that promise to train you to become successful affiliate marketer. Once you buy one eBook, you will have to buy another one. Once you buy that one, you will have to buy yet another and another. The reason behind it is simple … That is the way they are making money! Fact is, eBooks will only give you a small piece of the whole puzzle. You need the full puzzle with all pieces to make your affiliate marketing business successful. Again, you need training to learn affiliate marketing. Do not get me wrong! There are some great eBooks out there, but again, only small pieces of the puzzle.

Some statistics show that only 3-5% of affiliate marketers are actually successful! It is a scary number. I would say that 25% do not succeed because they think it is very easy and they are not willing to put any work into it. I believe another 25% do not have the skills to make it in this business (tried to learn on their own), and I believe that the rest 45-47% is fighting to make it a success. In coming years that 3-5% number will change for sure. There will be more successful Affiliate Marketers. A lot of people were scammed before and brave up. In coming years the government will have a hand in Internet business practices. This alone will help many people be a lot more successful because there will be a lot less scam.