Top Ways to Save Cash For College Students

Are you sick and tired of always being broke?

Do you want to recession-proof your income of just find some extra cash to spend on life’s little luxuries? Have you ever dreamed of finding easy ways to slash costs of your daily living?

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So what are the top ways to save cash for college students?

1. Don’t Believe the hype: Did you know that so called “miracle lotions” after extensive research have only shown to be slightly better than the cheap sorbolene cream you can buy at a supermarket (funny that).

2. Less Toothpaste is better: you actually only need a drop the size of a pea to clean you teeth and keep them sparkling clean, also you can add some bi-card soda to help clean and protect your teeth (also gives a nice tingly feeling)

3. Shampoo: using more shampoo then need is actually bad for your hair as it removes the natural oils in your hair that keeps it shiny and strong. Using less will save your pocket and your scalp of hair let your natural oils do what they do best keep your hair beautiful!

4. Use a cheaper Conditioner: Did you know that the only difference between many conditioners is the label!

5. Learn the secrets of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocall) make free calls to anywhere in the world where there is internet, sounds pretty good to me

So there are some ideas about how to save cash for college students, but what about making cash for college students. If they do not even have the cash in the first place there is no way they can save it.

So what are some good ways to make cash for college students?

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