Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Coach for Business/Career Development

1. You aren’t managing your employees effectively because you aren’t fully comfortable in your role and fear conflict/power struggles.

2. You are focusing your energy on distractions and “small stuff” thereby avoiding the larger strategic issues that will keep you in business 5 years from now, or in your role within it.

3. Thinking about your business/your career 5 years from now feels overwhelming and you aren’t sure how to think through it clearly.

4. You have difficulty delegating and need help letting go of the reins. It’s easier to just do things yourself than to figure out how to develop your people.

5. You don’t always bring out the best in those around you.

6. You feel a bit like an imposter in your role and aren’t always sure you are worth what you get paid (and hoping no one else feels the same way!).

7. You have difficulty prioritizing and often feel overwhelmed or inefficient as a result. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

8. You suspect you may be like the fish in the tree but have been avoiding asking yourself really pointed, direct questions about your career or business path.

9. You have been treating your business like a hobby and it isn’t performing much better than that.

10. You’ve been hoping that with the right people your business would run itself, and yet you haven’t been able to achieve the streamlined operation you have been dreaming of.

Call me an over-achiever…here’s 5 more for you…

11. There are some conversations you have been avoiding at work because you just don’t know how to have them.

12. You aren’t sure your employees will be able to handle the growth of your business.

13. You can’t decide how big or small you want your business, or your role within it, to be.

14. You worry about your business getting too big for you so you end up stifling its growth.

15. You fear losing control of your life if your business becomes too successful. You don’t know how to have a business/career AND a life.