This week’s Detroit News college football picks

Jim Harbaugh (Photo: David Guralnick, Detroit News)

Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News offer their predictions for top games this week in college football.

Michigan -2.5 at Minnesota

Charboneau: Minnesota

Chengelis: Michigan

Niyo: Michigan

Wojnowski: Michigan

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Rutgers +15 at Michigan State

Charboneau: Michigan State

Chengelis: Michigan State

Niyo: Michigan State

Wojnowski: Rutgers

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Penn State -6.5 at Indiana

Charboneau: Penn State

Chengelis: Penn State

Niyo: Penn State (best bet)

Wojnowski: Indiana


Nebraska +26 at Ohio State

Charboneau: Ohio State

Chengelis: Ohio State (best bet)

Niyo: Ohio State

Wojnowski: Ohio State

Iowa -4 at Purdue

Charboneau: Iowa

Chengelis: Iowa

Niyo: Iowa

Wojnowski: Iowa

Maryland +9 at Northwestern

Charboneau: Maryland

Chengelis: Northwestern

Niyo: Maryland

Wojnowski: Northwestern

Iowa State +3.5 at Oklahoma State

Charboneau: Oklahoma State

Chengelis: Iowa State

Niyo: Iowa State

Wojnowski: Iowa State

Virginia +11 at Miami (Fla.)

Charboneau: Miami (best bet)

Chengelis: Miami

Niyo: Miami

Wojnowski: Miami

Oklahoma -6.5 at TCU

Charboneau: TCU

Chengelis: Oklahoma

Niyo: Oklahoma

Wojnowski: Oklahoma

Alabama -19.5 at Tennessee

Charboneau: Alabama

Chengelis: Alabama

Niyo: Alabama

Wojnowski: Alabama (best bet)

Notre Dame +9.5 at Pittsburgh

Charboneau: Notre Dame

Chengelis: Pittsburgh

Niyo: Notre Dame

Wojnowski: Notre Dame

Syracuse +44 at Clemson

Charboneau: Clemson

Chengelis: Clemson

Niyo: Clemson

Wojnowski: Clemson

Baylor +10 at Texas

Charboneau: Texas

Chengelis: Texas

Niyo: Texas

Wojnowski: Baylor

Cincinnati -1 at SMU

Charboneau: SMU

Chengelis: Cincinnati

Niyo: Cincinnati

Wojnowski: SMU

Auburn -4 at Mississippi

Charboneau: Auburn

Chengelis: Mississippi

Niyo: Auburn

Wojnowski: Mississippi

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