These are the Advantages of Studying in Spain

For those of you who want to continue their education to Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees abroad, Spain is worth considering. Yes, so far we have only known developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, or Japan as destination countries for higher education with consideration of the quality of education being qualified even though the cost is very expensive.

Currently, there is a shift in global trends and interests of students who want to continue their studies in Europe. The uncertain political and economic situation and conditions, especially in countries such as England & America, make Spain an alternative destination for study abroad.

The main advantage of studying in Spain is that tuition fees are more affordable than in other European countries. In addition, the choice of campuses in Spain is also quite a lot. In total, there are 83 universities in Spain, of which 50 are public and 34 are private. The quality of universities in Spain is also unquestionable, some of which are even superior in Europe and the world.

Tuition fees at Spanish universities can be cheap as they are largely subsidized by the Spanish government. About 80% of tuition fees are borne by the government, so students only pay 700 – 800 Euros depending on the campus. To support the cost of daily needs, students can study while working or doing internships. The cost of living in Spain is not too expensive, which is around 500 Euros per month.

Many students also work part-time to supplement their monthly allowance. There are even those who sacrifice their studies and prefer to work. Because the average salary of workers in Spain is quite large, many students who used to be interns are comfortable with their jobs. If that has happened, most of them prefer to comprar graduado escolar to get proof of graduation, namely a diploma. The certificates obtained are also safe and reliable.