The Human Mystic

Most of us have been brought up in a materialally oriented culture, a culture that focuses on individualism and the development of our own personality. We are taught that we are all separate and are defined by our ethnicity, our physical appearance, our perceived intelligence, and certain personality characteristics.

According to there are 216,000 babies born into the world every day. That equals 9,000 new human beings every single hour of the day, and that is a lot of new little personalities being introduced to the human experience and a time of great celebration for those families. Each one of us were also members of this celebrity group at one time. Most of us, fortunately, were greeted with rejoicing and loving arms. Although there was inner awning and amazement felt by our loved ones at the miracle of our creation and birth, and despite those feelings did not dissolve, they were very soon shrouded by the physical needs and the everyday responsibilities that we represented.

Our physicalness took center stage, and the miracle of our being was simply accepted as what it is. The rapid evolving of science over the last several years has discovered and explained in great detail the physical creation of new life, and has even now been able to replicate conception in a test tube. For a time, it seemed that science would be able to explain everything through materialistic research, studies, experiments, and published reports.

The classroom and schools that we have attended have done their best to break down the factual data that has been discovered through the various fields of science into teachable formats so that our young and developing minds could assimilate and learn about how the mechanisms of the world we live in works. The massive amounts of information that continues to accumulate serves as a continuous foundation of knowledge upon which to build new discoveries.

Much to the surprise and awe of truly open-minded scientists from various venues, the paths of discoveries about humanity and the universe cosmos that we experience as reality is leading back to mysticism and concepts that simply can not be explained by materialism alone. Magnificent minds can develop seemingly infinite equations, hypotheses, and theories, and they continue to be masterminds of hallmarks of wondrous applications that are being utilized throughout the world by physicians, astronomers, geologists, professors, designers, etc. Technological advancement has been astounding, and it is easy to become cached up in the lure of the color and magic it looks to represent.

But scientists have not been able to answer from materialistic concepts just where and how all of this has been disclosed. A blank is drawn when it comes to explaining the source and origin of who and what we are. Yes, many ideas and theories have been taught through human history, and we have been taught that this or that is truth and that we should believe it, and that we should conduct our lives based upon the constructs fed to us.

The problem is that theseanned and programmed belief systems do not match up with the becoming of the 216,000 new little creations that emerge within our mid every day. Nor do they match up with the 6.5 billion of us who are already here, or the billions who have come and gone before us. The deeper that true scientists go, those who are truly trying to discover truth, and not simply trying to confirm or reestablish old ideas, the closer they are coming to acknowledgment that we are mystical spiritual beings.