The Average Salary of a Registered Nurse

Employment location or setting affects the salary of a Registered Nurse. RNs are employed by different health care facilities such as hospitals, homes, hospitals, clinics and schools.

How much does a registered nurse receive on the average?

In a week, RNs work for 40 hours or 2080 hours a year. Median salary is known to be $ 30.04 per hour. The nurse salary bracket shows the lower 10% to receive $ 20.20 an hour and the upper 10% to receive $ 41.97 + an hour.

The highest enrollment registered nurse takes home $ 85,000 a year while the lowest paid gets $ 37,000 a year.

The Employment Details of Registered Nurses

Approximately, 2,340,000 RNs are employed in the US and half of them are working in hospitals. 204,000 of these nurseries found work in private clinics. Nursing homes employ about 104,000 nurses and about 100,000 works as traveling nurses or have jobs in employment agencies. The home health care sectors have 114,000 registered nurses employed.

Salaries of nurseries being registered employed by either the private or public sectors are lower than those who are self-employed. Examples are traveling nurses who take short term employment contracts but are paid higher. Housing, bonuses and travel allowance are additional incentives travel nurses receive. Some traveling nurses work for nursing employment agencies, some work independently.

Nurses working as legal consultants and educators or are employed in other health-care related businesses receive higher RN salies than the average.

The employer, size of business and other factors also affect an RN's benefits not only an RN's salary.

The benefits of RNs include:

• Paid time off -nurses being registered are allowed 2 weeks' worth of accumulated paid vacation. The benefit's value increases in accordance to her ability to earn higher. 2 weeks paid time off is equivalent to $ 2403.00
• Paid sick leave – employees get sick from time to time so this benefit. A lot of employers grant their employees one week worth of sick time a year which can be converted to $ 1200.00.
• Paid Holiday Time Off – There are about 6 paid holidays in a year. This means an extra 48 hours paid without work that may be worth $ 1441.92 for those getting average registered nurse salary.
• SS contribution – most do not consider this a benefit as 6.7% of their salary goes to social security but employers are required to contribute roughly the same amount for the employee's SS. The average RN's salary is $ 30.04 an hour and annual contribution will be worth $ 4186.37. Add to this your employer's contribution which should be about the same amount.

A registered infants compensation package may include Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Retirement Plans, Education benefits and Employee Health benefits