Everything Zach Wilson said on “ESPN College Football Playoff Top 25”

Zach Wilson joined Kirk Herbstreit, Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, and Joey Galloway on the ESPN College Football Playoff Top 25 show to discuss his outstanding start to the 2020 season. If you missed the interview, here is everything Zach Wilson said on the show:

Rece Davis: Zach, you guys have really played well. Your schedule got turned upside down, you were supposed to play six P5 opponents over the course of the season. What’s it been like making sure that you maintain the proper intensity level dealing with the schedule you’re facing now?

Zach Wilson: Just not taking football for granted. We’re just excited to be here, excited to play no matter who wants to step up and play us. We’re happy to be here and we’ll play whoever. We had a great schedule in line and our AD and coach have done a great job getting us another schedule. We’re just happy to be playing football this year.

Rece Davis: We just had a really big discussion about how to evaluate teams and how important it is to use the eye test this year instead of just strength of schedule and things of that nature. From your perspective, what’s the best way to evaluate BYU this year?

Zach Wilson: You’ve gotta look at the execution overall, not necessarily who you are playing on offense or defense, just the consistency of the team. Honestly, about the strength of schedule, you look at the teams that we’ve played this year and some of the teams we played last year, we had some losses against teams that we should have beaten, we were just inconsistent. The consistency of the team this year is one way to look at just how much more dominant we’ve been. I’ve excited for what we have to come.

Rece Davis: I talked a little bit about last year, you had to play through some injuries. How would you describe where you are as a quarterback both from a physical standpoint and a mental standpoint compared to prior years?

Zach Wilson: Last year just felt rushed, rushed probably was the biggest thing. The offseason flew by, I didn’t have a lot of time to train and get healthy. I was so looking forward to this year because it was finally the first time that I felt like my arm was 100% and I had some time to train, get some speed back, and work with the receivers. Physically and even mentally, your confidence shoots through the roof when you feel like you went from being on a leash last year to getting held back and now this year, you can let it rip and make any throw on the field.  That mentality just changes having high confidence and being healthy.


Jesse Palmer: Watching you play, the ball never touches the ground. You are making all the throws, your accuracy has been off the charts, I think you’re completing 78% of your throws and you’re in

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