Memorial Hermann opens new medical clinic in West University

Memorial Hermann opened a new medical clinic in West University Place at 3525 W. Holcombe Blvd., the hospital chain announced on Dec. 1.

a house on the side of a building: Memorial Hermann Urgent Care now has two new locations at Town & Country and West University open to treat mild injuries and illnesses seven days a week with convenient care. This is an exterior photo from the West University facility.

© Courtesy By Memorial Hermann

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care now has two new locations at Town & Country and West University open to treat mild injuries and illnesses seven days a week with convenient care. This is an exterior photo from the West University facility.

The clinic includes 65 exam rooms and offers family and internal medicines services, endocrinology and gynecology through Memorial Hermann Medical Group on the first floor, and pediatric care through Children’s Memorial Hermann Pediatrics on the second floor.

This comes after Memorial Hermann opened an urgent care clinic in West University in November of last year.

“We are very excited to have 20 physicians under one roof to provide care for the West University community,” said Anne Pearson, SVP and CEO, Physicians of Memorial Hermann. “This new clinic will allow you and your family to receive the same care from the staff and physicians you have come to know and trust at Memorial Hermann.”

The new clinic will also have onsite lab services, and imaging diagnostic services down the street, all with free parking.

“Our vision is to create healthier communities, now and for generations to come,” Pearson said. “Providing care in one location will give residents the chance to have all of their health needs and the needs of their family taken care of close to home.”

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Gulf Medical University College of Medicine and ScholarRx Announce Medical Education Partnership

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today the Gulf Medical University College of Medicine (GMU) and ScholarRx announced a collaboration to further the College’s educational mission. GMU has adopted the Rx Bricks online service from ScholarRx, a revolutionary digital learning platform that supports the curriculum and enhances pre-clinical instruction.

Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor, Gulf Medical University states, “Gulf Medical University’s partnership with ScholarRx ensures that the content of the medical curriculum is benchmarked with similar top U.S. medical colleges using the same program. The Rx Bricks of ScholarRx provide our students with up-to-date medical knowledge through educationally sound courses delivered by expert faculty. As a leading medical university in the Middle East, Gulf Medical University will contribute to the continuous development of ScholarRx by integrating its Virtual Patient Learning (VPL) technology in the Rx Bricks, conducting research, and evaluating the educational impact of ScholarRx.  I am sure our students and faculty will appreciate the value of ScholarRx.” 

GMU uses the innovative Rx Bricks digital learning platform from ScholarRx to better engage and align medical students with the curriculum. This has become especially important as more learning is taking place online. With this new set of resources, faculty teaching GMU students can:

  • Assign specific Rx Bricks through their learning management system
  • Use question banks accompanying the Rx Bricks for both formative and summative assessments, and
  • Provide foundational support to their virtual patient learning sessions.

“Collaboration with ScholarRx has enriched and added value to our existing online learning resources, as the College of Medicine has been able to seamlessly integrate the Rx Bricks in the medical curriculum. Faculty and students alike have embraced it with ease due to the user-friendly nature of the resource,” said Prof. Manda Venkatramana, Vice-Chancellor Academics and Dean, College of Medicine at Gulf Medical University.

“GMU has developed into a leading institution for medical education in the Middle East under the visionary leadership of Chancellor Hamdy and Vice-Chancellor Manda,” said Dr. Tao Le, Founder and CEO of ScholarRx. “We are pleased to support their remarkable work in digital curricular innovation.”

About Gulf Medical University College of Medicine
The vision of the university is to be a leading international academic healthcare institution through the integration of quality health professions education, research, healthcare, and social accountability for sustainable community development. The College of Medicine, in existence since 1998, has managed to not only impart quality medical education, but has also created a network of healthcare services, a conducive research milieu, and developed unique related avenues for professional development, policy, and leadership to meet the healthcare needs of the nation and the region.

About ScholarRx
ScholarRx is a mission-driven education organization currently serving over 150,000 medical students and physician learners annually.  ScholarRx has developed a revolutionary componentized, multi-competency curricular platform that empowers medical schools and their faculty to rapidly develop high-quality education experiences, even in resource-poor environments.

SOURCE ScholarRx

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DeepMind AI breakthrough in protein folding will accelerate medical discoveries


An illustration of the possible structure of a “membrane protein” associated with the coronavirus, according to a model created by DeepMind’s AlphaFold program. 


DeepMind, a division of Alphabet, says it has solved one of the most difficult computing challenges in the world: predicting how protein molecules will fold. It is key to understanding important biological processes and treating diseases such as COVID-19.

The London-based organization said that its claims of a breakthrough had been verified by organizers of a competition held every two years to test computer models, the Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP). 

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DeepMind named its protein folding prediction system AlphaFold and said that the latest version has been four years in development. 

Writing on its blog, the AlphaFold team described the success of the system being due to methods that “draw inspiration from the fields of biology, physics, and machine learning, as well as of course the work of many scientists in the protein folding field over the past half-century.”

There are about 180 million known proteins but only about 170,000 protein structures have been mapped through X-ray crystallography and other techniques. X-ray crystallography is how DNA’s double-helix of amino acids structure was discovered and the structure revealed how it copied itself. But it can take months and sometimes years to determine a protein structure.

Complicated chains of amino acids can have vast numbers of permutations. Yet in nature proteins will only fold into a very specific shape and that shape determines its role in biological processes, including in viruses. 

Professor Andrei Lupas, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, writing on the DeepMind blog: “AlphaFold’s astonishingly accurate models have allowed us to solve a protein structure we were stuck on for close to a decade, relaunching our effort to understand how signals are transmitted across cell membranes.”

DeepMind’s approach is ideal for membrane proteins which cannot be easily crystalized. 

The AlphaFold team said that in March it predicted two protein structures of SARS-CoV-virus, which had been separately identified months later by researchers. This shows its potential applications in predicting the shape of mutated viruses.

The CASP competition evaluates competing models of prediction by measuring the variation from actual structure in Angstroms — the width of an atom. Competitors analyze samples of proteins whose structure has never been published.  

Units called Global Distance Test (GDT) are used to evaluate each protein structure prediction. A score of 90 GDT or above is considered equal to experimental analysis. AlphaFold’s median score against all target proteins was 92.4 GDT.

What is additionally impressive about this achievement is the seemingly small amount of data AlphaFold was trained on. With only some 170,000 known protein structures in public databases AlphaFold had to determine the rules for a complex structure from very little information.

AlphaFold’s training was very fast compared

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Marinomed announces trial of Carragelose in COVID-19 at Swansea University Medical School

Vienna, Austria, Swansea UK, November 30, 2020 – Marinomed Biotech AG (VSE:MARI), a globally operating biopharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce today that the Swansea University Medical School plans a clinical trial with Iota-/kappa-carrageenan nasal spray as a COVID-19 Prophylaxis for Healthcare Professionals (ICE-COVID).

The investigator-initiated trial at Swansea will be recruiting 480 healthcare professionals managing COVID-19 patients during the pandemic. Objective of the study is to assess the efficacy of Carragelose nasal and throat spray in reducing the rate, severity, and duration of COVID-19 infections. Further endpoints include infection with other respiratory viruses, usability of the spray for prophylaxis and the effects on quality adjusted life years (QALYs). The ongoing clinical trial is supported by Marinomed Biotech AG, the originator and licensor of Carragelose and Boots UK; the Carragelose nasal spray used in the study is marketed as Boots Dual Defence in the United Kingdom.

The design of the double-blind trial is finalized and planned to start shortly. The study population will be equally randomized into a treatment group (0.12 mg/ml iota-carrageenan / 0.4 mg/ml kappa-carrageenan in 0.5% saline) and a placebo group (0.5% saline) and will apply this study regime three times a day, one dose into each nostril and three throat sprays, over the course of eight weeks .

“With the world in the devastating grip of this SARS-CoV2 pandemic and nurses and doctors especially exposed, we are looking forward this very important clinical data from the Swansea trial. Our pivotal clinical data for Carragelose demonstrated alleviation of different coronavirus infections. Marinomed has been able to show neutralizing activity towards the new coronavirus in vitro earlier this year.” said Dr. Eva Prieschl-Grassauer, Chief Scientific Officer at Marinomed. Adding, “We have very good reason to expect and hope that the trial will confirm our in vitro findings and contribute to validating Carragelose nasal spray as a COVID-19 prophylaxis for the vulnerable community of healthcare professionals, protecting them from contracting COVID-19 infections.”

“After seeing the effects of this pandemic on colleagues caring for patients with COVID-19, we wanted to find a way for research to help protect frontline NHS staff,” said Dr. Zita Jessop, Principal Investigator for the clinical trial and clinician scientist at Swansea University. “Previous studies highlighted the effectiveness of iota-carrageenan-based nasal sprays against coronaviruses, indicating promise against SARS-CoV-2. If the results of this randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial are positive as we expect, this has the potential to add an extra prevention strategy in the fight against COVID-19,” she added.


About Carragelose®:

Carragelose® is a sulfated polymer from red seaweed and a unique, broadly active anti-viral compound. It is known as a gentle yet effective and safe prevention and treatment against respiratory infections. Several clinical and preclinical studies have shown that Carragelose® forms a layer on the mucosa wrapping entering viruses, thereby inactivating them, and preventing them from infecting cells. Marinomed is holder of the IP rights and has licensed Carragelose® for marketing in Europe, parts of Asia, Canada, and Australia. For a full list

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InnoCare cooperates with university in smart pet medical care

InnoCare cooperates with university in smart pet medical care

Rebecca Kuo, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES

InnoCare Optoelectronics has disclosed its X-ray flat-panel detector has been integrated with expertise from College of Veterinary Medicine, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, for medical care of pets.

Spun off from LCD panel maker Innolux in 2019, InnoCare specializes in developing medical display panels focusing on X-ray imaging.

The hardware/software integration of Mix V14C with the college’s expertise in veterinary medicine can enable veterinarians to decide on optimal medical care plans for pets via diagnoses based on X-ray images, InnoCare said. InnoCare has improved processing of X-ray images and optimized operating procedures of interface for Mix V14C, the company noted.

Mix V14C has obtained certification by US FDA, CE Marking and Taiwan’s FDA and has been promoted for use in human and veterinary medicine, InnoCare indicated.

The total number of pet dogs and cats in Taiwan will exceed the population aged below 15 years by year-end 2020, bringing an annual market value of over NT$21.7 billion (US$748 million) for pet medical care, InnoCare cited market forecast as indicating.

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John Patrick University (JPU) of Health and Applied Sciences Setting the Standard in Cannabinoid Medical Sciences Education and Training

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — JPU is pleased to announce that it will be offering a Master’s Degree in Integrative & Functional Medicine with a Concentration in Cannabinoid Medical Sciences starting in January 2021. The Cannabinoid Medical Sciences concentration is designed to foster understanding and a rational perspective for science-based healthcare providers, practitioners, educators, manufacturers, cultivators, and business operators.  JPU’s faculty in this program consists of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, scientists, and data analytic specialists.  JPU caters to the working professional with flexible and accelerated online programs.

Michael Dubanewicz, Ed.D., CN, CCN, CFM, CDM, CFPP, Dean of the School of Integrative and Functional Medicine, notes “JPU is leading the change and future of health education to provide evidence-base study of cannabinoid medical sciences. Our curriculum provides both applied and clinical application of cannabinoids and its function within integrative health science.” 

Mary Clifton, MD, Medical Director, is a board-certified, licensed, internal medicine doctor, and a recognized expert in cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. “This program will prepare you to give the most informed health advice to your patients and clients, helping them to receive the absolute best care available.”

Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RDN, FAND leads as Co-Program Director for the Cannabinoid Medical Sciences concentration. “As a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, teaching about medical cannabis aligns with my mission to help those suffering from pain, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, IBD/IBS, and other debilitating conditions find relief using CBD and cannabis.”

John Patrick University (JPU) of Health and Applied Sciences is a progressive university with BS and MS degrees in the Radiological Sciences, Medical Imaging Sciences, Business and Data Sciences, and Integrative and Functional Medicine Disciplines (Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Sports Medicine, and Cannabinoid Medical Sciences).  

If you are interested in a degree with a focus on Cannabinoid Medical Sciences, please contact: [email protected], 888-578-4968

Accredited Member, ACCSC; AC-0027

Media Contact:
Michael Dubanewicz
[email protected]

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SOURCE John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences

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DMK to Foot Education Bills of Govt School Students Who Get Admission in Private Medical Colleges

M. K. Stalin et al. looking at each other: DMK President MK Stalin

© Shubhangi Gupta | Education Desk
DMK President MK Stalin

New Delhi: DMK leader MK Stalin has announced that his party is ready to pay for the educational expenditure of government schools students who will get admission in private medical colleges under the new 7.5 per cent reservation policy this year, a report by India Today said. The party has also advocated banning NEET in Tamil Nadu if elected to power in the state. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami had Wednesday said the 7.5 per cent reservation provided to government school students in medical education would ensure over 400 such seats for them this year, as against the mere six earlier. The reservation would help government school students get 405 seats in its introductory 2020-21 academic year, he had said at the medical counselling, where he gave away orders to students who were beneficiaries of the new quota.

The Tamil Nadu Assembly had earlier adopted a bill envisaging 7.5 per cent reservation in undergraduate medical courses to government school students who have cleared the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). Governor Banwarilal Purohit had given his assent to the quota bill on October 30, a day after the government took the executive route and issued an order for implementing the quota from this year itself, amid pressure from political parties for its immediate enforcement.

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CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Receives New Donation for Ophthalmic Technician Education Program

Only Program of its kind in California to Offer Ophthalmic Assistant and Technician Levels

Southern California Eye Institute (SCEI) at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC), a member of CHA Health Systems, a global network providing a full spectrum of dynamic healthcare services, received a gift from Mark Ridley-Thomas, Second District Supervisor to Los Angeles County Board, to train the next generation of students to serve the eye care needs of the community.

“Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and his office are keenly aware of the importance of community and education programs, having provided leadership and aid for similar initiatives over the years,” said Rohit Varma, MD, MPH, director of Southern California Eye Institute. “As such, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ office is critical to supporting this education program. With this investment, we are able to provide Angelenos in low-income and minority communities vocational training in an allied medical field in high demand. Beyond educating cohorts of students, we anticipate raising awareness of the importance of eye health and routine eye exams. The Southern California Eye Institute is grateful for the Supervisor’s partnership and leadership in this important endeavor.”

“My hope is that not only will the health and well-being of thousands be impacted by this investment—including patients, and members of the community that we serve—but we also seed a pipeline of the next generation of students to focus on one of our most important but overlooked areas of treatment—eye health,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. “The OTEP program, the first of its kind in the state of California, is the catalyst to do this.”

The OTEP program is the only program of its kind in California, and one of 4 nationwide that offers training at both the ophthalmic assistant and ophthalmic technician levels. The program aims to provide students in the Los Angeles community access to high-quality education and job training opportunities to meet the growing need for ophthalmic technicians in a variety of healthcare settings. Graduates of both programs will be prepared to add value to any ophthalmic or optometric practice setting from day one. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 16% employment growth for ophthalmic technicians between 2018 and 2028, providing approximately 9,000 employment opportunities.

About Southern California Eye Institute

Southern California Eye Institute is dedicated to providing the highest level of vision care, using the latest technology and treatments to deliver the best outcome to patients in Los Angeles and from around the world. The institute’s expert physician-scientists are advancing innovations in stem cell and regenerative therapies, artificial intelligence and bioelectronic implants to further the prevention, early detection and treatment of eye diseases and conditions. Founded by world-renowned ophthalmologist Rohit Varma, MD, MPH, SCEI is located in Los Angeles at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. For more information, visit

About Ophthalmic Technician Education Program

OTEP offers training at both the ophthalmic assistant (9-month) and the ophthalmic technician (12-month) levels. OTEP is comprised of online didactic instruction, coupled with on-site clinical training from experts in SCEI’s state-of-the-art

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STMicroelectronics Works with Alifax on Rapid, Cost-Efficient Point-of-Care Medical Testing

T4295D — Oct 29 2020 — ST Alifax LoC coop for PCR tests_IMAGE

STMicroelectronics Works with Alifax on Rapid, Cost-Efficient
Point-of-Care Medical Testing

  • Alifax, a diagnostic-test producer, has customized biological content and reagents to detect pandemic-related genetic material and other viral (and bacterial) pathogens

  • ST Real-Time PCR molecular-diagnostics technology, using disposable chip-based cartridges, can be adapted to detect any genetic material

Geneva, Switzerland, and Padova, Italy, October 29, 2020 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, and Alifax S.r.l, a producer of clinical diagnostic instrumentation, have worked together on a rapid, cost-efficient portable solution that will be available from Alifax, for point-of-care molecular diagnostic detection using highly reliable real-time Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) to amplify genetic material (RNA and DNA1) in patient samples.

Leveraging technology developed and licensed from ST, Alifax is manufacturing the Molecular Mouse, a small portable instrument that contains a broad range of ST components, including STM32 MCUs, sensors, amplifiers, and other devices. Connected to a PC, the Molecular Mouse uses medical reagents2 created by Alifax to manage the control and testing of multiple targets or samples on a tiny disposable cartridge, manufactured by ST using its high-volume Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) semiconductor process technology. Test results are available in less than hour.

“One crucial lesson from the current global pandemic is the importance of rapid, cost-efficient point-of-care testing that allows immediate remote diagnosis, and then, if necessary, patient isolation,” said Alessandro Cremonesi, Chief Innovation Officer, STMicroelectronics. “ST has been investing in its Real-Time PCR platform convinced that innovative semiconductor-based diagnostic solutions can positively impact our lives.

“Leveraging our high-volume semiconductor-manufacturing technology and long-term leadership in microfluidics, we’ve developed a rapidly customizable, highly flexible cartridge and instrumentation platform that delivers rapid and precise point-of-care diagnostic results, which Alifax has used to respond almost immediately to present pandemic and future diagnostic needs,” added Benedetto Vigna, President Analog MEMS, and Sensors Group, STMicroelectronics.

ST has demonstrated its efficacy and efficiency to scale reliable, high-volume manufacturing of semiconductors and its expertise in microfluidics for more than 25 years. Moreover, roughly 10 years of proven success in developing MEMS-based Real-Time PCR technologies has now culminated in a product generation that Alifax has rapidly adapted to address the current global pandemic.

“Building on our passion for research and excellence in innovation, Alifax has established its strength in hematology and bacteriology for diagnostic purposes. By working closely with ST and combining its foundational microfluidic and other technology in the Molecular Mouse and our pathogen-specific assays, starting from a COVID-19 test, we’re ready to contribute to rapidly diagnosing, isolating, and ultimately stopping the spread of pathogens,” said Paolo Galiano, President Alifax.

Certified to CE-IVD3 the Molecular Mouse, disposable test cartridges, and assays are available now from Alifax.

You can watch a video on Molecular Mouse at

Further Technical Information
With a footprint4 smaller than a smartphone, the Alifax Molecular Mouse can run real-time quantitative Polymerase

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Thumbay Group makes a mark in healthcare, research and medical education

Thumbay Moideen wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Thumbay Group makes a mark in healthcare, research and medical education

© Provided by Khaleej Times
Thumbay Group makes a mark in healthcare, research and medical education

Thumbay Group has continued to cement its legacy in the UAE business scene for the past 23 years, especially in its core sectors of medical education and healthcare, among several others, and is looking forward to future successes in both corporate and social fronts.The group’s achievements and reputation in the UAE’s corporate landscape has been credited with several firsts in the region’s private sector, such as the first private medical university, first private academic hospital and first and only private Academic Health System, among several others.Founder-president Dr Thumbay Moideen, says that Thumbay Group’s zeal for embarking on unique initiatives has always been aligned with the strategic vision of the UAE’s leadership and has been the reason for his consistent success.”I have always regarded God’s grace, the government’s support and my team as the three main reasons for our achievements,” he says.Thumbay Group’s pioneering role in the region has led to create something as unique as Thumbay Medicity in Ajman, with advanced facilities from health to education and entertainment, built with an investment of more than a billion dirhams.It is the first such private-sector project not only in the UAE but in the Middle East, and has evolved as a regional hub of futuristic medical education, state-of-the-art healthcare and cutting-edge research.Thumbay Medicity features the most modern technology and global expertise in teaching/training, healthcare delivery and research/innovation, attracting the best student and professional talent towards shaping the future of education, healthcare and research.Gulf Medical University has students from over 86 countries, and faculty/staff from over 30 nationalities. It is the largest private medical university in the region with six colleges and 26 accredited programmes, having over 2,000 full-time students and around 2,000 part-time students. GMU has established robust collaborations with around 70 prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide.The Thumbay Hospital network, which today has the distinction of being the biggest chain of private academic hospitals in the region, treats patients from as many as 175 countries.Thumbay Group’s Healthcare Division operates eight academic hospitals, 10 family clinics, five diagnostic labs and 46 retail pharmacy outlets.The university and the network of Thumbay academic hospitals and clinics together train around 20 per cent of the doctors and approximately 60 per cent of the healthcare professionals in the country, creating a significant impact on the healthcare sector of the country and the region. The group employs over 3,500 staff, out of which 400 are doctors.Thumbay Medicity houses Gulf Medical University, the region’s leading private medical university; Thumbay University Hospital, the largest private academic hospital in the region; Thumbay Dental Hospital, the first private dental hospital in the country and the largest academic dental hospital in the Middle East region’s private sector; and Thumbay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, the biggest state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital in the country.- [email protected]

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