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Boston College (5-4) is set to face off with Louisville (3-6) on Saturday at 4pm at Alumni Stadium. The Cardinals are fresh off a win against Syracuse last week, a game they dominated 30-0. Boston College played two weekends ago against Notre Dame in a game they lost 45-31. 

Here is all the information you need to connect to the game.

When: 4:00 pm

Current Vegas Odds: Boston College (-1)

Weather Forecast: Partly Cloudy around 46

Television: ACC Network,  Mark Herzlich, Eric Cotter and Eric Wood are on the call

Radio: WEEI 93.7 FM, Jon Meterparel, Pete Cronan and Scott Mutryn.

Streaming: ESPN App (Your cable company needs to have the ACCN for this to work).

Satellite Radio: SIRI 135 (Stream BC feed online on 972)

Series History: Louisville won the previous matchup between the two programs 41-39 last year, in a game marked by a season ending injury to BC quarterback Anthony Brown. However before that the Eagles held a two game winning streak against the Cardinals. Louisville owns a 7-5 series lead. 

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Game Preview: Final Thoughts and Predictions

BC Bets: (Via @ForBlogstonPick a pro-BC bet for every BC game. Current Record: 6-3 Difficult game for BC this weekend. Louisville with a running quarterback makes this a nightmare matchup, as the Cardinals plays as Virginia Tech-lite. I can see this game going in a much similar fashion as that earlier contest. SP+ predicts a 5 point LV win, but both teams putting up points. The line has settled to BC -.5, traveling from BC+2 earlier in the week. I don’t think I’ll be taking this bet. The Louisville Team Under is 27.5. Will not be taking this, as I can easily see us getting run over. I think I’ll be taking the BC Team Over at 27.5. LV has allowed an average of 27 points per game defensively against ACC foes, even including their SYR win. BC has put up points against better defenses two of the past three games. Threats to this bet will be both teams running the ball and there not being enough time to put up the points, but I think this will be a high scoring affair. Count on Jurkovec and an improved OL to lead a balanced gameplan to put points on the board. Pick: BC Team Over 27.5

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The New Secretary of Education Should Actually Listen to Students, Unlike DeVos

Many are also hopeful that the Biden administration will restore several protective measures passed by Barack Obama that defended the rights of marginalized students. During her tenure as the country’s top education official, DeVos signed off on rollbacks of mandates that allowed transgender students to choose which bathroom they use at school, addressed the disproportionate disciplining of Black students, and pressed for diversity in colleges and K-12 classrooms. According to the Human Rights Campaign, Biden has already committed to restoring transgender and gender nonconforming students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity. Student activists plan on pushing Biden to protect the rights of all students, regardless of race, sexuality, or gender.

“I am hoping that the next secretary of education will fight for equal opportunities in schools with predominantly minority students,” Kimberly Martinez, a high school senior and activist with Teens Take Charge in New York City, told Teen Vogue. “I hope that they tackle issues such as underfunding of schools in predominantly low-income Black and Latinx communities, as well as segregation in the public school system.”

Martinez said that in her opinion, one of DeVos’s biggest policy failures was her August 2020 Title IX ruling that reduced schools’ obligations to respond to harassment and assault, and according to activists, will discourage students in K-12 schools and colleges from reporting incidents of sexual violence and impose uniquely unfair and traumatizing procedures against student survivors. On November 5, the gender equality group Equal Rights Advocates sued DeVos and the Department of Education over this ruling, and student activists are hoping the new Department of Education will repeal this mandate.

“Betsy DeVos’s biggest failures as Secretary of Education include rolling back Obama’s guidance and regulations, including those to protect survivors of sexual assault on school campuses, as well as putting an end to the school discipline guidelines made to get rid of the school to prison pipeline,” Martinez explained. “Both of these failures have impacted many students and put them in circumstances where they do not feel safe and protected, which is a huge issue. All students should feel safe in a learning environment.”

Though student activists are hopeful for improvements under Biden, they know his administration won’t automatically solve every problem. The president-elect is significantly less progressive than many student activists want him to be. For example, students in high school and college across the country have spent the year campaigning for schools to remove police officers from campus, with some school districts, like those in Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon, successfully doing so. Given Biden’s plans to allot more money to police once he’s in office, many are doubtful that he will support these efforts. In some cases, Biden may be unable to enact a progressive education policy even if he wants to. His plan to partially forgive student debt hinges on Democratic control of the Senate. 

“Even as the administration changes on January 20, the issues in education will remain the same,” said Green.

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Listen: NASA offers ‘creepy’ playlist of space sounds for Halloween

NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy, serving as commander of the Expedition 63 mission aboard the International Space Station, took these photos of Hurricane Laura as it continued to strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico on August 25. Photo courtesy of NASA | License Photo

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Listen live: NASA to announce ‘exciting new discovery’ about the moon

  • On Monday, NASA will share “an exciting new discovery” about the moon.
  • The space agency has not revealed any details about the discovery, but said it could support “deep-space exploration.”
  • NASA TV will stream live audio of the announcement. You can listen via the embed below.
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NASA made a cryptic announcement this week: It has “an exciting new discovery” about the moon, but it’s not going to reveal the finding just yet.

Instead, it will share the details in a press briefing on Monday and stream the audio live online. (You can tune in via the embed below.)

“This new discovery contributes to NASA’s efforts to learn about the moon in support of deep space exploration,” the agency’s statement says. “Understanding the science of the moon also helps piece together the broader history of the inner solar system.”

NASA’s Artemis program aims to send astronauts back to the moon’s surface by 2024, then later establish a lunar base from which it can hopscotch the first humans to Mars. It’s not yet clear how the mysterious new discovery might affect those plans.

This illustration made available by NASA in April 2020 depicts Artemis astronauts on the Moon. On Thursday, April 30, 2020, NASA announced the three companies that will develop, build and fly lunar landers, with the goal of returning astronauts to the moon by 2024. The companies are SpaceX, led by Elon Musk; Blue Origin, founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos; and Dynetics, a Huntsville, Ala., subsidiary of Leidos. (NASA via AP)

An illustration made available by NASA in April 2020 depicts Artemis astronauts on the moon.


We do know, however, that the discovery was made by NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, a modified Boeing 747 jet plane that uses a 9-foot telescope to capture infrared images of planets and other objects in our solar system. The plane flies about 41,000 feet above the Earth.

Four NASA officials and scientists will discuss the findings at 12 p.m. ET on Monday:

  • Paul Hertz, astrophysics division director at NASA
  • Jacob Bleacher, chief exploration scientist for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA
  • Casey Honniball, postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Naseem Rangwala, project scientist for the SOFIA mission at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California

NASA TV will stream audio of the announcement here:

NASA’s next missions to the moon are set to search for water

Before it lands astronauts on the lunar surface, NASA plans to learn more about the moon’s natural resources – especially its water deposits, which appear to exist mostly as ice clustered near the lunar poles.

Astronauts (or robots) could ostensibly mine that ice, melt it, store it, and use electricity to split the water into liquid oxygen and hydrogen. Both elements are key to making rocket propellant.

So far, NASA thinks most of that ice exists at the moon’s South Pole. So in 2022, it plans to send a drill and mass spectrometer there to try to harvest some. 

Then in 2023, the agency aims to launch a golf-cart-sized lunar robot called the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, or VIPER. Over the course of its 100-day lifespan, the rover will trundle over rocky terrain, drilling into sections of moon ice and soil to analyze their composition. The rover’s main goal is to collect data that NASA can

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