Cole Kmet’s First Career TD Catch Carries Huge Significance

Bears rookie tight end Cole Kmet managed to squeeze in between defenders for his first career touchdown catch on a day when his mother somehow squeezed into the exclusive Bank of America Stadium gathering of 5,000 fans.

“Obviously, it’s a dream come true for me. It was just pretty sweet,” said Kmet, the Bears’ top draft pick this year.

Following Tashaun Gipson’s interception, Kmet caught a third-and-goal TD pass over the middle in a crowd from Nick Foles to stake the Bears to a 7-0 lead, and they never trailed.

“Obviously we had a turnover to start the game like that, and you gotta put points on the board,” Kmet said. “So that was a big deal and I think that got us started in the game.

“So you don’t want to come away with just three points in that situation. You gotta be able to put the ball in the end zone. Obviously, we were able to do that.”

It wasn’t easy. The play was supposed to go elsewhere and Foles killed the call at the line, so Kmet knew there was a chance he’d get it.

“I kind of saw where the safeties were lined up,” Kmet said. “I knew that there was a possibility that ball would come to me. Obviously, it came my way. I made the play. It was just an awesome feeling.”

Kmet had only one catch in his first five games but the TD and one more 11-yard catch made it all worthwhile, as did doing it in front of his mother, Kandace. She was supposed to be going to Florida to pick up Kmet’s sister at school.

“I let her know that they were letting some fans in or whatever, on it had to be on Thursday or something,” Kmet said. “So she didn’t know if she’d be able to make it or not, but I got her a ticket just in case, or whatever.”

She made it in among the tiny contingent of fans, and was sitting in Section 205.

“I saw her up there,” Kmet said. “She was waving like a madwoman pregame. I found her and gave a little wave. She was pumped up.”

After the game, Kmet savored the moment, and had a discussion with tight end Jimmy Graham.

“Right now in the locker room, Jimmy came up to me and just congratulated me,” Kmet said. “He’s like, be ready for more to come and all that.

“So, I kind of took the time there, that was pretty cool. But yeah, kind of crazy right now that that actually happened. It’s pretty awesome.”

My phone blew up. I haven’t really scrolled through the messages yet, but I’ll take a look at those in a little bit. I saw my dad and my brother were super happy, and my mom was able to actually make it to the game today last minute, so that was cool to see her in the stands. I know that meant a lot for

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