Will Jayson Tatum Spend Career With Celtics? Here’s His Mom’s Best Guess

Win and he’s in for life.

That might sum up Jayson Tatum’s mindset toward spending his entire NBA career with the Boston Celtics. Brandy Cole, Tatum’s mother, revealed Sunday the Celtics star would consider spending his entire career with the team, provided they win the NBA Finals during his tenure in Boston.

“I think he would love the idea of being able to spend his entire career here if that meant putting banners up,”, Cole told The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach. “He wants to not just say that he played here his whole career, but that he brought the city of Boston a couple of banners and his number is retired. I’m certain he would love that.”

Cole discussed Tatum’s future hours after he and the Celtics reportedly agreed to a five-year, $195 million contract extension. The deal might tie Tatum to Boston through the 2025-26 NBA season, by which time he will be just 27 years old and will have spent the first nine years of his NBA career with the Celtics.

If Boston wins the NBA Finals by then, or appears to be on the cusp of doing so, why wouldn’t Tatum consider signing another big contract with the team, chasing more NBA championships and forging an even-more impressive legacy in Green?

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Take a Guess at What NASA’s Exciting Moon Discovery Might Be

Apparently we’re going to learn something new about the Moon on Monday. What could it be?

Apparently we’re going to learn something new about the Moon on Monday. What could it be?
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Gizmodo

Big news, everyone: NASA says it will reveal “an exciting new discovery about the Moon” on Monday. Any guesses as to what it will be?

The space agency’s sneak-peek announcement is scant on clues, but it does reference the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). Unless NASA is leading us on a wild goose chase, it seems highly likely that SOFIA—a modified Boeing 747SP jumbo jet equipped with a 9-foot-long telescope—contributed to the finding. As NASA pointed out in its advisory, “SOFIA observes in infrared wavelengths and can detect phenomena impossible to see with visible light.”

Another possible clue: The media advisory mentions the Artemis program. NASA is currently planning to send a man and a woman to the Moon in 2024, specifically to the south polar region. The new discovery apparently “contributes to NASA’s efforts to learn about the Moon in support of deep space exploration.”

Hmm, what could it possibly be…?

We’ll find out on Monday, October 26 at 12:00 p.m. EDT (9:00 a.m. PDT). In the mean time, let’s have some fun guessing.

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