Gretna Public Schools Board of Education candidates | Gretna

Occupation / Employer: Realtor, PJ Morgan Real Estate

Elected offices held: Gretna School Board, 2012 — Present.

1. Tell us something about yourself (example: family, church, organizations, volunteering, military service, etc).

My husband Brad and I, like so many others, moved to the Gretna area for the quality of the schools. I have two children that started in preschool at Palisades Elementary and are now a Freshman and Senior in high school. We have been members at Faith Westwood United Methodist Church for 20 years.

2. What are the top two challenges or opportunities Gretna Public Schools should address over the next four years?

I think our biggest challenge is the continued growth of the district which brings in new students and families. I think our ability to communicate and build trust with new families will be paramount to our continued success as a district. I think our growth is also an opportunity, with growth we are able to continue to expand our academic course offerings along with our extra-curricular programs.

3. What steps should the district take to continue to manage rapid growth within the school community?

I think the district does an exceptional job of tracking, managing, and planning for the facility needs through our Master Plan. Moving forward, I think we need to add additional staff to the District Office to handle the added work-load and demands of a larger student enrollment and staff.

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