Eastern Michigan University, Henry Ford College partner to extend Futures for Frontliners program

YPSILANTI, MI — Eastern Michigan University and Henry Ford College have partnered to extend Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Futures for Frontliners program to help more frontline workers obtain four-year degrees.

Once frontline workers graduate with an associate degree from HFC, they can apply to pursue a bachelor’s degree at EMU that would cover some or all of their remaining tuition balance, officials announced Wednesday.

The EMU Frontliner scholarship is available to new students who enroll at EMU.

Frontline workers are those who have jobs that have required them to work outside their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes those working in grocery stores and restaurants; those in waste management services, manufacturing, public transportation; or those providing police or fire services.

Henry Ford graduates who are frontline workers, enroll at EMU and are Pell Grant eligible will receive an EMU Frontliner Scholarship to cover their remaining tuition balance, EMU officials said. The scholarship will cover 12 credits of tuition for five consecutive semesters of enrollment at EMU.

Graduates of HFC who enroll at EMU and are not Pell Grant eligible will receive an EMU Frontliner scholarship of $5,000 that will be split into increments of $1,250 for each of four consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment at 12 or more credit hours per semester, officials said.

When Whitmer announced the Futures for Frontliners program, HFC President Russ Kavalhuna said he began talking with some of his partners at four-year universities. EMU answered the call, Kavalhuna said, and they wanted to extend the program for frontline workers.

“I have not seen any other two-year or four-year institution put its own resources behind helping these essential workers the way (EMU) has,” Kavalhuna said. “…This is an opportunity for us as a society to reinvest in people who have been serving us on the front lines.”

Part of the Futures for Frontliners goal is to help Michigan meet its Sixty by 30 goal to increase the number of working-age adults with a technical certificate or college degree from 45% to 60% by 2030, according to a university news release.

The partnership between EMU and HFC will provide an increased opportunity for frontline workers to earn a postsecondary credential, and EMU President James Smith feels this is a way to give back to essential workers.

“If you think about a frontline worker, they’re literally putting their life on the line so that you and I can go to the pharmacy or the grocery store,” Smith said. “Without them, we couldn’t do that, and this is our payback to them, our ‘thank you,’ if you will.”

While it could be good for enrollment for both EMU and HFC, Smith said it’s less about enrollment for their respective institutions and more about creating an affordable pathway for frontline workers to get a bachelor’s degree, especially if more colleges develop similar partnerships.

“We really do think that the more is the merrier, and we’re anxious to see where this will take us with our colleagues,” Smith said.

The application

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Henry Ford College and Eastern Michigan University partner to offer scholarships to frontline workers amid COVID-19 pandemic

YPSILANTI, Mich., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eastern Michigan University and Henry Ford College (HFC) announced today a partnership to offer EMU scholarships to frontline workers who complete their HFC associate degree (Michigan Transfer Agreement recommended) and pursue a bachelor’s degree at Eastern Michigan University.

The partnership is an extension of HFC’s participation in the State of Michigan and Governor Whitmer’s “Futures for Frontliners” scholarship program, which pays for frontline workers to earn a tuition-free degree from a local community college. The application period for that program closes December 31.

“This is great news for the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who have been serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s good news for our economy,” said Governor Whitmer. “From the beginning, creating paths to prosperity for more Michiganders has been a top priority for my administration. I’m proud that our state has developed a way to give back to the Michiganders who have been working around the clock to protect us, and I am grateful for this partnership between Henry Ford College and Eastern Michigan University to help more people get on a path to opportunity.”

The partnership is also a natural fit given EMU and HFC’s strong, long standing relationship and more than 40 articulation agreements currently in place, including a recently established pathway for students who have earned an associate nursing degree at Henry Ford College to transfer their credits to Eastern.

“Our frontline workers put themselves at risk to serve Michigan citizens during a pandemic. Now we are putting them at the forefront by supporting their futures,” said HFC President Russ Kavalhuna. “This new partnership between Henry Ford College and Eastern Michigan University is an exciting opportunity for Frontliners to extend their education even further. It will maximize their investment in themselves as they seek new or advanced careers.”

EMU has over 150 articulation agreements with Michigan community colleges, the most of any university in the state.

Eastern Michigan will offer the following scholarship opportunities through the partnership:

  1. HFC Frontliners graduates who enroll at EMU and are Pell eligible will receive an EMU Frontliner Scholarship to cover their remaining tuition balance.  A Pell Grant plus the EMU Frontliner Scholarship = Free Tuition.  The scholarship will cover 12 credits of tuition for five consecutive semesters of enrollment at EMU.
  2. HFC Frontliners graduates who enroll at EMU and are not Pell eligible will receive an EMU Frontliner scholarship of $5,000 that will be split into increments of $1,250 for each of four consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment at 12 or more credit hours per semester.

Michigan’s frontline workers have worked tirelessly around the clock for months to maintain essential services and to keep our communities safe,” said Eastern Michigan University President James Smith. “This new scholarship initiative is an extension of the excellent collaboration we have had with Henry Ford College for many years and provides a new opportunity to reward frontline workers by

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Clippers’ Jordan Ford: Begins pro career with Clippers

Ford agreed Thursday with the Clippers on an Exhibit 10 contract, Steve Kroner of the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Ford will be joined in Los Angeles by St. Mary’s teammate Malik Fitts, as Los Angeles brought in both players on Exhibit 10 deals shortly after both went undrafted Wednesday. A 6-foot-1 point guard who led the West Coast Conference in scoring (21.1 points per game) as a senior in 2019-20, Ford is unlikely to earn a spot on the Clippers’ season-opening roster. If he’s waived in training camp, however, he would be eligible to join the Clippers’ G League affiliate the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario.


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