Clarkson University Students Launch Flourishing Care Package Business

Potsdam, NY, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of the most traditional methods for family members to maintain a connection with their college student while they’re away at college is to send a care package. Here at Clarkson, a pair of brothers has taken the concept of a care package and turned it into a flourishing business that makes the process easier for family members and ensures that students receive their goodies in a timely fashion. 

Dylan Practico ’21, an innovation and entrepreneurship major, and Brandon Practico ’24, a business studies major, continue to expand the business Dylan founded as a first-year Golden Knight. We spoke with them about College Care and all that goes into providing a convenient care package service for Clarkson students.

How did this business come to be and when was it started?

Dylan: When I was a freshman in Professor Marc Compeau’s class, we were tasked with creating our own business and making it a reality. I was in a group with three other people, and we began the early stages of developing the business. 

The following year, I took another course taught by Professors Erin and Matt Draper. One of my group members joined me in this course, and throughout it, we focused on figuring out our target market and how to reach them. We were able to sell a few care packages, but not as many as desired. After this course, I bought in the other group member. 

My goal after these classes was to make this business my full-time job while at school. To do this, I had to expand my customer base and find an easy way to reach them. I discovered the Clarkson University Parent and Family Association Facebook page, and this is what fueled the large influx of customers. I began asking customers to leave a review on the Facebook page so other parents and family members could see our product, and that is when it started taking off. 

Now in our third year, we have customers recommending us independently when they hear of families who want to do something to lift their students’ spirits. 

What is your business all about? How does it work? 

Dylan: Our business is centered around helping students and their families bridge the gap between home and school. We provide family members with a wide variety of personalized care packages that can be delivered directly to the student’s residence hall. 

We deliver packages for any occasion, such as birthdays, sick days, thinking-of-you, and holidays like Easter and Halloween. Customers are able to contact us through email, and we provide them with options for purchase. They then send us the information and payment all online, and we deliver the care package on the desired date. 

How has your business evolved over time, including your role in it? 

Dylan: In the first year of business, our sales were $250. Last semester alone, the sales reached $4,000. We have grown exponentially each semester, and our total

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