Lego’s International Space Station set is 16% off at Amazon for Cyber Monday

In what may just be a Cyber Mondy miracle, Lego’s International Space Station is on sale at Amazon. Lego’s model of the space station, which was released in February, is currently sold out on, but now the highly sought-after building kit can be yours. Act fast and you can get a space station Lego set of your own for $58.99, just over $10 less than the usual price. 

With 864 pieces you can build and display an impressively realistic space station  (this was a Lego Ideas set originally) as well as two cargo spacecraft and a miniature space shuttle. The set also includes two astronaut microfigures. 

The Lego International Space Station is a model beautiful enough to stand in as a centerpiece in any space lovers home. But it’s not just for looks. Lego was sure to include impressive details like a posable Canadarm2, just like the real-life station’s mechanical arm. It also made sure the space station’s “solar panels” rotate so you can change the angle and that the kit included cargo spacecrafts, which astronauts aboard the real station depend on. 

The set even includes a 148-page booklet with facts about the International Space Station and information about the Lego fan who created this set for Lego Ideas. When you’re all done building and playing, you can set the station up on a display stand for all to admire. 

Be sure to check out more of’s Cyber Monday deals, including one on a Lego D-O Droid! 

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Terraforming Mars board game is now 40% off for Cyber Monday

Attention all would-be Martian explorers. The critically acclaimed (and just downright addictive) board game Terraforming Mars is now available on Target for just $41.99!

Terraforming Mars Board Game Deal

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Terraforming Mars Board Game Deal

For a game that’s highly complex, gorgeously designed, and yet engrossingly entertaining, Terraforming Mars usually comes with a big price tag of $70. So with a blistering 40% saving, you can grab your copy of the base game and get $27 off the usual price — of course, this deal may not be in orbit for too long this Cyber Monday, so act fast! 

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Terraforming Mars: $69.95 $41.99 at Target Cerebral, challenging and beautifully presented — the  Terraforming Mars base game can now be yours with 40% off the price, saving you a massive $27.

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Though sadly experts do not believe we will ever see blue skies over the Red Planet, you can still indulge in a little fiction, as Terraforming Mars takes you to the 24th century and the immersive possibilities of space exploration and colonization. 


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Playing co-operatively, two to four players take on the role of a mega-corporation, whose aim is to convert Mars into a green, habitable (and it goes without saying profitable) new world. While collecting and spending resources, prioritizing projects and building infrastructure across the Martian landscape, players must also overcome the planet’s harsh environment in order to succeed.

Terraforming Mars expansion deals

If you have already earned your Martian stripes and clocked up a few hours with the base game, you can still find great savings on Terraforming Mars’s many imaginative  expansion sets. For example, the Venus Next expansion box opens up the inhospitable planet’s noxious atmosphere: will you be able to tame this deadly world and build a new settlement? Meanwhile if you want to explore the possibilities lying elsewhere in the Solar System, Terraforming Mars: Colonies enables players to scour  for rich mineral sources and other habitable locations.    

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Terraforming Mars: Venus Next: $29.95 $23.37 at Amazon Venus is a deadly world, but one full of potential. Can your corporation succeed in building huge flying cities and introducing life in an inhospitable environment? 

Venus Next adds a side game board as well as new tiles, tokens and Venus cards to the deck.

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Terraforming Mars: The Colonies: $29.95 $25.39 on Amazon The pursuit of resources has expanded to all corners of the solar system. Help your corporation colonies the clouds of Jupiter and trade with faraway moons in this expansion. 

Colonies adds Colony tiles and includes new cards and corporations.

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Terraforming Mars: Turmoil: $34.95 $32.64 on Amazon All is not well on Mars. This expansion lets you struggle for control of the transforming Council and influencing the politics that have developed. 

Turmoil includes new corporations, projects, and new global events cards that can throw anything from dust storms to uprisings at the players.

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The Economic Value of Prevention in the Cyber Security Lifecycle

As more employees are now working from home, the attack surface is more complex and widely spread, making prevention even harder to achieve. In this difficult time, we highlight the implications of the groundbreaking research The Economic Value of Prevention in the Cybersecurity Lifecycle. Conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Deep Instinct, the report analyses the cost savings that can be taken in an efficient, zero-time prevention model. Based on responses from over 600 IT and IT security practitioners, how does your experience compare to those of the respondents’? Do you share their sentiment that effective prevention is difficult to achieve? And what do you think are the greatest barriers?

Prevention is obviously better than cure, and in this report, we show the benefits that a ‘Prevention-First’ strategy can have on an enterprise environment. Organisations no longer have to assume they will be breached and spend their budgets on remediation and containment. A prevention-first strategy is now a realistic proposition.

A highly insightful body of research titled The Economic Value of Prevention in the Cybersecurity Lifecycle. Conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Deep Instinct, the report analyses the cost savings that can be taken in an efficient, zero-time prevention model. Results were sourced from over 600 IT and IT security practitioners in NA, who are knowledgeable about their organisations’ cybersecurity technologies and processes. The findings include the approximate cost savings should an effective preventative approach be adopted:

▪ 91% of costs can be eliminated in a nation-state attack, resulting in an average cost saving of $1,366,365

▪ 88% of costs can be eliminated in a zero-day attack, resulting in an average cost saving of $1,089,440

▪ 90% of costs can be eliminated in a ransomware attack, resulting in an average cost saving of $396,675

▪ 82% of cost can be eliminated in phishing attack, resulting in an average cost saving of $682,650

Other highlights from the report also found the following:

▪ 70% of respondents believe the ability to prevent would strengthen their security posture.

▪ 55% feel that they are best at containing attacks and this leads to the priority to focus budget on containment, rather than prevention.

▪ 67% of respondents believe the use of automation and advanced AI would improve their ability to prevent.

▪ 50% of respondents say their organizations are wasting limited budgets on investments that don’t improve their security.

The findings of the report address market misconceptions, particularly that an effective preventative approach is difficult to implement and operate. Yet it also testifies to an undercurrent belief that the ability to effectively prevent an attack would strengthen an organisation’s security posture.

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