Surgical Technologist Salary – Hourly and Annual

Latest Reports

The Bureau underook a detailed survey in May, 2008 and has been updating it periodically. When the survey was undertaken there were 89,600 surgical technologists in United States. Average hourly wage for them ranged from $ 18.62 to $ 20.40. Average annual salaries ranged from $ 38,740 to $ 42,420.

Category Makes Difference

Salaries of the technologists are far from uniform. Diversifications are more prominent in comparison to uniformity in their salies. Survey revealed that the average salaries fluctuated and the median ranged from $ 37,340 in the offices of the dentists to $ 42,420 in specialty hospitals and clinics.

Category Based Salary Examples

It was found that the specialty hospitals and clinics paid the highest saloons, both hourly and annually that stood at $ 20.40 per hour and $ 42,420 annually. However the psychiatric and substance abuse clinics were exceptions. Next in the ladder comes the outpatient care center that pays $ 19.47 per hour and $ 40,490 annually. On the other hand the dentist offices pay less at around $ 17.96 per hour and 37,340 per annual. In between there are the general hospitals and surgical clinics that pay around $ 18.50- $ 19.00 per hour and $ 39,770 on average per annual.

Surgical Technologist Career

Surgical technologist career is easily among the top ten hot careers today. People opting for the career can earn high salaries without spending long terms in the colleges and thereby building up educational debt loads. A high demand skilled, the requirements in the market for surgical technologists are always on the growth and that makes it a great career in the fields of medical services.

Career Requirements

It does not mean that the career has no basic requirements. Surgical Technologist Salary will greatly depend on the candidate having at least the basic qualifications. One must undergo training that typically lasts fro 9-24 months and ends up with a certification. Graduating from an approved institution will also do.

Basis of Salary Differences

Salieties granted to surgical technologists vary with the types of job they perform. While conducting a career search as surgical technologist, one will come across different wings and the saloons will vary according to job specifications. Metropolitan areas and major cities will be high salary areas while the salaries would be comparatively lower in the rural areas. Competition however will be much fierce in high salary areas and getting jobs would be difficult in comparison to low salaried locations.