Student Loans For People With No Jobs – The Full-Time Student

Some private student lenders encourage borrowers to work in order to qualify for loans or get a better rate. Signing this way can also mean a student is required to retain their job while studying, but there are student loans for people with no jobs.

Working and studying at the same time is extremely taxing. It has benefits, such as access to more student loans at better rates, not to mention having an income, but it has drawbacks as well. Students who must also work generally make low wages and must work part-time at best. They can not advance or build a career this way. Similarly, they have to cut into their studying time, and they can end up having to study longer, greatly increasing their loan needs, and their performance in school can suffer. It is much more difficult to succeed in school while working, and almost impossible to advance a career while studying.

You can get around having to work to qualify for private loans. It can be as simple as shopping around a bit; your loan is valuable and lenders will compete to give you money. You can also get a better rate and more lenders willing to lend you college money if you can get a cosigner.

If you are unemployed because you can not find a job, you may simply have to accept a higher interest rate and lending fees in order to get private student loans. Always get a Stafford loan and see what kind of financial aid or scholarships you can obtain before you do this. It is possible to get a student loan with no credit, or even with bad credit, if you're willing to pay for it later. Be sure you're actually going to finish school, then when you finish, look for work and try to keep up with the payments. You can buy time later by consolidating your student loans if you can not keep up.

If the problem is simply that you do not want to take on studying and working at the same time, which is perfectly reasonable, you can work a couple of years before starting school. Since this is generally a requirement for people who are basing their loan application on the fact that they're planning to work and study at the same time, if you were forced to work and study at the same time you will not see a benefit in your loan rates unless you take time off of school anyway. Get a credit card while you're working and build up your credit rating; This will help you get a better loan rate when you're ready to study.

Student loans for people with no jobs can lead to higher student loan payments in the future, but if you get a college degree, you can avoid having problems with unemployment in the future.