So You Got Fired, Now What?

Getting fired is definitely not an ideal situation for a career oriented person like yourself, but it is certainly something that you can survive if handled properly. You may feel anger and hatred towards your boss or you might even feel like cursing out your boss. As much as this might sound appealing at the spur of the moment, you need to handle the situation in a completely different way.

It's totally understandable if this is hard to accept and maybe you feel rejected at the moment, but it will definitely get easier over time. You need to understand the reality of this situation; people lose their jobs for many different reasons; While some of these reasons are within your control such as poor attendance, lack of productivity or being unable to get along with your coworkers, others have nothing to do with your performance. Whatever the case may be, the end result is the same. Here are a number of helpful tips that will help you dust yourself and get back on your feet.

Thank Your Boss

Weird as this may sound, you need to thank your boss for hiring you in the first place. You need to say this in the most sincere way possible. Sit down with your boss and go over the things that led to you being fired. Doing so will definitely help you avoid doing the same mistakes all over again. Remember that there may come a time in the future when this person will be in a position to recommend you for another job. Try to know in advance what your former boss will say about your termination. Doing so will help you address the issue in interviews as a "teachable moment".

The CV Dilemma

There is no requirement that says that you have to have a reason for quitting your job on your CV, but in this case, there might be a time gap you have to explain. All you have to mention is the period of employment, a brief job description, and the name of the company that employed you. Leave the discussion of why you got fired for the interview and take time in advance to prepare what you will say if asked. Remember that your CV should only reflect your competencies and what you did well throughout your career, and since there are no rules that require you to write the reasons for leaving your last employment; it is usually understood that you left for a better opportunity.

The Interview

It is best to be frank and honest in explaining the reasons for your resignation during the interview, so it is advisable to be prepared beforehand. Lying about your past job history or badmouthing your previous employer will only make you sound like a bitch ex-employee who is still unable to move on. Taking accountability demonstrates that the interviewer is looking for a potential employee. As much as you try to hide the fact that you've been dismissed, it is likely that it will be discovered in a reference check. While some companies do not go into details on why you left your previous job, others do have a column asking "reasons for leaving previous job". When faced with the direct question, do not lie about it, just tell the truth.

Get Back into the Job Market

Whatever the reason that led to you being fired might be, you must adopt a positive attitude towards your job search. If you loved your last position and the industry you worked in, then you can move on within the same field. But if you were not happy, now is the time to consider a career change. Looking for jobs online is certainly one of the easiest online job-search tools available and it will definitely help you a great deal in choosing the most appropriate position and in giving you valuable advice and hints for a successful career.

You must know someone in the company you work for who thinks that they are doing a fantastic job, when in fact they actually are not. That someone might actually be YOU. Being fired may seem like a catastrophe at first, but it can open up the door for unlimited professional capabilities and can actually increase your job prospects. Maybe you were just waiting for a good reason to start looking around for a better paying job with a more comfortable working environment.