Self Taught: The Importance Of At-Home Learning Environments

In today’s modern world there’s a plethora of education resources available to us at any given moment. With free online courses, self help videos, and educational articles available at the tip of your fingers it’s never been more possible to learn new things and become a better you. When you’re learning at home either with the help of instructional videos, educational articles, or mind opening documentaries creating at-home learning environment is crucial to the process.

Setting up your home office to be the best learning environment can be is all about boosting productivity and using the benefits of research to help your brain retain as much information as possible. The environment that we study in is crucial to the overall learning process. Below are the elements that make up an ideal at-home learning environment.

  1. Start by selecting the best room in the house
    1. If you have a large family you’ll want to select a room that’s the farthest away from all the activity
    2. A room that has plenty of natural lighting is also a good choice
    3. Keep in mind that the size of the room doesn’t matter as much as the natural lighting and quietness of its location
  2. Choose the perfect color
    1. Science has shown us that colors really do have a great effect on our mood, therefore selecting the best color for your at home learning environment is key
    2. Try to stay away from colors that are too relaxing like blue and light purple. Remember you’re wanting to create an environment where your brain will be very active
    3. Colors like green and yellow are great for productivity
    4. You can either paint your walls with your chosen color or add decorations that are of a certain color
  3. Keep distractions at bay
    1. When setting up your home office be sure to keep anything that might divert your attention from the study material out of the room
    2. Nearby distractions will only tempt you into abandoning your work or studies
  4. Cut clutter often
    1. Keeping a clean desk is a constant task, be sure to organize your desk clutter throughout the day before it piles up and becomes insurmountable
    2. Buy organizational supplies. Outfitting your at home learning environment or home office with plenty of storage solutions is crucial to an organized space

Now that you’ve set up your ideal at home learning environment the next thing to do is take advantage of the many online resources that are available to you.  Sites like offer incredible courses that span a wide variety of subjects. These courses come to you from top universities all around the world! Another great resource to take advantage of is Sundance Now where you can find high quality educational documentaries that are sure to expand the mind. Click here for this Sundance coupon and save on this amazing resource.

At home learning is all about self betterment and improvement. If you can create an environment in which to be productive in there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. With the many resources available in this modern day and age, improving your work performance, literary knowledge, and certifications has never been easier!