Seeing the Haircut

Having the skills to cut hair, are only part of the art of creating a great hairstyle that will match up with your client.

One of the skills that I was encouraged to develop was "Seeing the haircut".
This was fun when I was a junior and mainly washing hair and sweeping up, and of course making the tea's for clients and staff.

As a client would come in for their appointment, I would study their hair, taking notice of how thick the hair was, and what was the texture and length like. Then I would imagine the haircut I would give to a client and how I would dry and finish the haircut. The interesting thing was seeing the difference that another stylist would make on the actual haircut, the style that was given to the client and the one that I had imagined could be very varied, once I found myself more in tune with the stylist, I could almost predict the style they would create.

By doing this it gives me a good inside knowledge of how each stylist worked, and the difference between the stylist. When I could see that I would have a style of cutting of my own, when I started to cut hair, I knew I was on the right track.

One of the hardest discriminates to make as a stylist, is not to do just what is easiest on a client, I suppose that is where the "Work" comes into the job, trying to bring the best out of a clients hair. Sometimes it is hard working with a client when they have very fixed views on how they want their hair and are unwilling to move with any trends that are up and coming. As a Stylist we can only offer the advice, is it up to the client if they want to go with your recommendations.

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