Science of Aphrodisiacs

Food and sex are two of life's most sensual pleasures. Some types of food and beverages qualify as genuine aphrodisiacs, meaning they have been proven to drive up the sex drive. You've probably heard stories about raw oysters. They certainly can be erotic to eat, but they do not change your sexual chemistry per se. Meanwhile, other foods, like liquorices, fennel, ginger, and even cucumbers are proven to increase sexual arousal. Following are some other foods to spice up your sex life:

1. CHOCOLATE. Eating chocolate produces a natural endorphin secreted during sexual arousal named phenyl ethylamine (or PEA). As with most aphrodisiacs, HOW you use it can turn up its sexual impact. Try pouring melted chocolate or syrup on your partner's body and then lick it off. Mixing in ice cream or exotic fruit with the chocolate and then eating it off her body can be incredibly erotic (and sticky).

2. SPICY FOODS. Eating hot, spicy food drives up your blood pressure and causes more blood to flow to your genitals and even adds a blush to your shoulders. A famous study found that once a woman is aroused or excited (for any reason), she is more likely to feel sexually turned on and attracted to the man she's with. So, if you spice up the menu, you're more likely to sex her up afterwards.

3. CHAMPAGNE. Studies have found that one or two glasses of alcohol reduce sexual inhibition. Too much can obviously reduce sexual performance. (Wonder who funded that research ?!) Champagne is especially fun sexually. If you have not already, you have to try a "champagne kiss". You take a gulp of champagne and hold it in your mouth, and then kiss your partner and let her sip some of it from your mouth. The bubbles on your lips and tongue feel amazing! For even more fun, sip some champagne and then suck on her nipples or spill some on her vagina and then lick it all up.