SAT Test Prep For the Smart – Are You SAT Smart?

SAT test scores often can determine your chances of admission in a good college. The Scholastic Aptitude Test also ensures that a student's impressive grades are not born out of amplified grading standards. Although the SAT test may appear challenging for college admissions, it is a standardized testing system that provides a fair platform to access a student's reasoning and test-taking skills. Compare the SAT with your GPA- while you may have to opt for multiple courses to raise your GPA by a few points, improving your SAT exam scores can be improved in just a few months.

There are many SAT test preparation companies such as Princeton Review and Kaplan that administrator test taking strategies to score better on the SAT. Most of the students who join such learning centers have had a not-so-good experience with the PSAT. These coaching centers for SAT test preparation can help you improve your SAT exam scores by a hundred points. But are you prepared to bear the exorbitant fees?

If, however, parents on a budget, SAT test preparation from such learning centers might not be affordable. Does that mean SAT coaching is for the rich? There are three possible alternatives to being trained from a high-priced learning center. We will discuss all these three options, cite the advantages and shortcomings, and then let you decide which suits you. Before choosing any option, take a FREE SAT diagnostic test to access your proficiency.

Self Study

If you can practice self-discipline and stick to the SAT study plan you have created for yourself, this is a smart move. All you have to do is buy some SAT study guide and few SAT practice papers, and get started. This alternative is especially beneficial for students who are academically proficient, and can devote time to preparing for the SAT regularly. The only limitation of self-study is that you are completely your own judge. There would be no one to tell you what to do. You will have to monitor your progress, analyze your weaknesses, and modify your study plan once in a while.

Private Tutor

Hiring a private tutor certainly helps. There is always no guarantee that you would get a private tutor who can coach you at your home. You might have to commute to the tutor's place. And if there's heavy traffic, ensure that you leave your home an hour in advance. A private tutor would cost you less than the learning center. The only disadvantage with this alternative is it involves commuting to the tutor's place (if you do not get a home tutor), and that you would have to modify your schedule according to the tutor's.

Online SAT test preparation

This alternative involves web-based tutoring. You can sit at your home, choose our own study timing, and log on to the Internet and get tutoring right away. Moreover, this model introduces the concept of customized tutoring- tutoring according to your requirements- working on your weaknesses, and polishing your strengths. This alternative does not involve commuting, and is surprisingly affordable. Parents would never have to worry paying the fee of online tutoring. Online tutoring covers Sat test prep strategies, step-by-step explanations, SAT practice tests , and regular progress monitoring, and all these according to the student's convenience. This model is beneficial for those who want customized tutoring at affordable costs.

Read all three SAT test preparation alternatives again, and decide for yourself which suits you.