Portfolio Career

A new meaning for "career"?

Crystal ball or not, one thing is for sure – the definition of career is taking on a whole new meaning. Although there are many differences between our generations there is one common thread that brings us together. When it comes to employment, we all compete at the same watering hole called the job market. We all know that most employers are now less interested in "long-term employees" who show up everyday from 9 to 5 and want to hang around for ten for fifteen years, taking the lateral climb. In fact, these days if you're in the same job for too long you can be viewed as a slacker.

Wondering what's so different about the world of working today?

Over the past few years employer needs have changed. In order to compete and succeed in today's global economy employers are now putting a higher value on your ability to be more creative, imaginative and "think differently", as well as your ability to adapt as needed and / or morph to market conditions, much like Proteus, the Greek Sea Goddess who could change at will, we are now seeing the protean model career.

Sure, employers are still using words like "loyalty", "generosity", and "stability", as a draw, but the forward thinking individual will know that these are merely words and in the end, the company's bottom line dictates their employment actions . Employers are using globalization to their advantage, as well they should be, and its time for employees to use a form of this in their own career – a "portfolio" career approach.

Why should you take advantage of a "portfolio" career approach?

Well, there are plenty of reasons. For one thing nothing is carved in stone any longer with regard to your future employment with any one particular employer. The forces of supply and demand are strong when it comes to wherever you have a job … or not. Sure, the employer "feet" terrible when they need to implement job eliminations, restructuring, layoffs, etc., etc. But, that does not stop them from taking necessary survival steps. Where does that leave you? Knocking on doors – that's where.

Many of you are ready to get off "auto-pilot" when it comes to your life, as well as your career, and start doing the necessary planning that will afford you to live with security – the security you can provide for yourself through your knowledge and skills. Giving you the ability to differentiate yourself from the pack. To live with joy – the joy you can provide for yourself by knowing where you are strong and what you have to offer in the career market. To find happiness – the happiness you know you deserve and can give yourself through careful career planning and support.

How do you grab onto a fresh new approach while maintaining an alignment between your needs and the employer's needs?

Change is constant and rapid. The portfolio approach to your career is the future. You must keep updating and adding to your skills and knowledge and matching your portfolio to the particular employer and their needs at any give time. Establishing and selling yourself in a portfolio manner will enable you to begin to lead the pack and keep you in the forefront of managing your career.

Auto-pilot careers are over, its time to get the controls into your hands and start steering. The ball is moving into your court now – the employment picture is rapidly changing in your favor. You may be able to obtain multiple offers easily. But, even if getting a job is "easy", getting the right job should be your goal. Finding the right match is much more than throwing your resume out and seeing where it sticks. It's about knowing you and what you have to offer and ignoring your true match.