Phone Psychics – Fiction Or Science

Now, because of the immediate knee-jerk reaction some people have to discussions about science fact or fiction fantasy, let's be perfectly clear. There does not have to be a distinction made. Here's why: phone psychics have time, experience and evidence from individuals' happy experiences that have helped them make better choices in their own lives.

So, this whole notice that there is some kind of science that can prove or disprove how a psychic helps people is really silly. What science argues much of the time when it can not explain a phenomenon within their context or scope of study is to employ the placebo effect principle. This is just saying that the reason people get benefit or help from whomever or whatever – phone psychics in this case – is because they thought it would help them. This same argument is used by those in the scientific community for their arguments regarding many alternative healing methods as well.

We're not saying that phone psychics do not have any evidence or science supporting them; we're pointing out that they do not have to. As a culture, the scientific community has assumed that there is some difference between believing something will work and proving that it did. Can we really do this in a living, dynamic, energetic being? We are not the sum of our collective body parts but rather a higher and higher ordered energetic organism within the world of other energetic sources (our community, our planet, our solar system …)

More to the point here, when someone gets help from phone psychics or gets a psychic reading on line or anything else for that matter, the simple fact exists: their openness to hearing a message that exists in some energetic plane outside of their current mental framework is beneficial.

It just makes sense really. Logical sense, actually. Think about it. When a scientist is trying to solve a problem that has been vexing them for some time, where does the answer come from? Does it come from some different neuron firing in their brain? Is that the cause of the thought or the effect of it already occurring? Like all ideas, they come from some place that exists outside of our brain and normal thought pattern. Psychics simply recognize this fact and utilize it to help others.

Einstein himself has written and talked about this topic of intuition. Other great inventors, visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs have all talked about the source of their creative breakthroughs as coming from a place of inner knowing or higher self, actually using descriptions such as these. So, is it really science fiction to believe that on line psychics operate any differently?

To be a scientist in this day and age who is more skeptical than open to ideas outside his or her area of ​​expertise is really the one who is on the fringe now. It does not matter if we are talking about brain chemistry, neuro-anatomy or higher astral planes and psychic readings. Respected and awarded scientists are recognizing that there is another intelligence that is part of our insight.

Whatever you consult phone psychics to tap into this knowing is up to you. But know this, there is a shift in the scientific community that is recognizing the collective wisdom that exists outside of the space of our physical bodies.