Party or Paper? How to Find Time to Edit Your Work in College

If you're like most college students, you start your papers the night before they're due, and you do not give yourself enough time to do a flawless, impressive job on your work. Do not be accused – everyone does it.

As college students, our intellectual side knows that we have to be professional and take the time to do quality work for our classes, because our coursework helps to determine our future careers and paychecks. However, our social side knows that if we stay in to proofread and edit the paper that's due on Monday, we'll be missing out on parties, bar nights, and other college experiences that frankly, we just can not skip. Editing by Amanda understands your dual needs.

Editing by Amanda is a Boston-based writing resource, helping students around the country to edit papers, cover letters, and other assignments so that they can fulfill both their need for procrastination and their need for success. Social butterfly and top scholar? Why could not that be you? Editing by Amanda's online paper editing center helps you to make the most of your writing and gives you advice for how to maximize future projects.

You should be proud of the work you pass in to your professors. And come on, college students should never be penalized for wanting an active social life. With the right skills, you can write great papers and have time to party in college.