One college student shares why he trekked home for Thanksgiving, and what he’s doing to stay safe | Health

“Initially, they were really trying to … stay home,” he said. “Now they take a few more risks. But now with the spike, (in cases), I think they’re staying home and I’m pushing them to stay home as well.”

Even with Boz’s return, Thanksgiving — as expected — was not the same this year because of the pandemic.

The Boz family Thanksgiving traditionally includes Elliot, his parents, his 81-year-old grandparents (who live nearby), his older brother, Shura, and other family friends.

But Shura Boz, a college senior living in Los Angeles, opted not to trek to San Mateo for Thanksgiving this year. The Boz’s family friends are also no longer attending the gathering.

“My grandparents are really kind of the high risk factor in this situation,” Boz said. “How confident can we be that we’re not bringing home the virus or that we’re traveling safely? So in terms of my brother in LA — there’s much more of a kind of surge in a small, dense area. “

In LA, health officials said Wednesday that average daily cases climbed 113% during the first two weeks of November, and hospitalizations have increased 70% over the past two weeks.

A bittersweet holiday season

The Thanksgiving coronavirus surge could turn into the Christmas surge, warned Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

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