Obama Helps Moms Go Back to School – Scholarships For Moms

If you're a mother, and want to go back to school, it may seem hopeless. At least until the kids grow up. You may be struggling financially, or you just may not have the time. Well nowdays you may find it just a little bit easier. "Why?" you may ask, well I'll tell you why.

President Obama has increased the Federal Pell Grant to $ 5500. The goal of this increase is to make college available to everyone, and to reduce the financial stress on those going to college. This money, combined with the availability of courses online means that mothers can earn a degree without leaving home to do it, or even spending their own money.

President Obama has pledged to help mothers go back to school because they often find it difficult due to lack of time and money. However, since many moms will jump at this excellent opportunity, unfortunately not everyone will be accepted. It is certainly worth looking into though. Eligibility requirements include income guidelines. You can receive this grant even if you do have a low wage job. To apply for the grant simply find a college that's right for you then fill out a FAFSA form and submit it. If you do not qualify anyway, there is still hope because there are many scholarships for moms out there.

You can get a scholarship for just about anything if you look hard enough. This an excellent opportunity for mothers to get out and further their educations respectively the rough economy. Now this program is available to help mothers with the money to go back to school. All they have to do now is find the time. I'm sure mothers all over the US will seize this excellent opportunity.