Nursing Schools – What Could Occur If You Get Disqualified From Nursing Schools?

Every college term we have a tendency to see this terrible scenario arise all over the United States. While left to suffer quietly in the past, nowadays public awareness of those incidents is on the rise. Hopelessness often sets in as students don’t see where to turn for help.

You might think, “What’s the tragedy and why would I care?” In truth, this is often a crisis that might affect us all! Suppose you had to go to the hospital tomorrow. What are the probabilities of an extended delay at your hospital or doctor’s office?

God forbid you are hospitalized and wait in lonely isolation for treatment. While this is often the norm, we have a tendency to all consider it has to to be changed. The problem is that the important shortage of registered nurses within the United States.

The average registered nurse is forty-five – 50 years old. Research reveals a deepening crisis as fewer than 5% of RNs are younger than 30 years old. The crisis will solely get worse as older nurses settle into retirement without adequate replacements.

The result is a hungry job market for those smart enough to take advantage of it. Healthcare agencies are fiercely competing for RNs and are even paying out moral bribes to qualified RNs to start work for them.

Suppose you choose to take advantage of this and begin researching nursing schools. After passing your entrance examination, you begin 2 years of general education courses. Excited, you press on to start the meat of the nursing program.

Frustration begins to set in as you are placed on hold for 2 years or longer, when classroom space finally opens up. They simply don’t have enough professors to run these classes. Perhaps you were lucky and avoided this, or entered a two-year program instead.

You begin your nursing courses with a wave of excitement concerning the longer term soon to be. Everything starts out as you planned. Perhaps another semester passes before a glitch in your plans develops. It’s doubtless that med-surg class that a lot of nursing students struggle with.

While things are going along quite nicely, you suddenly hit a rough spot and find a “C” in a nursing class. Now you risk being cut from the institution if it happens again.

Every semester, hundreds face that hurdle. After years of tough work, nursing students are suddenly pushed out the door for ever.

To complicate this change of events, the nursing institutions supply very little or no help. The media reports stories like this all over the country. One would expect, since the nursing crisis is only deepening, that the nursing institutions would need to try to avoid this.

Ultimately, there is nothing compelling them to. There are always thousands of ready students anxious to replace you. It’s simply easier to say “Next” and usher in another paying customer. You’ve solely become another nursing institution casualty. Many simply give up their dream and quit. Quite understandable given the financial resources, time and effort expended.

Still, the news continue to report the ruined lives. Ultimately, I became determined to search out a solution. So what are your options if this happened to you?

At the end, I came up with a few options. Option One: Locate a new nursing institution to retake your nursing classes. Obviously, this was not the most effective answer as there’s another entrance exam, waiting list and opportunities to experience this all over again.

Self study turned up as an option. Working from home appeared attractive and taking tests at third-party sites easy. However, further investigation led to concern because the pass rates are extremely substandard and most who try this never finish.