News Wrap: ISIS attackers kill at least 22 at Kabul University

Judy Woodruff:

The ambassador to Afghanistan from Iran was supposed to be at the book fair. It is unclear if the attackers knew that.

Thousands of Muslims demonstrated in Indonesia today over cartoons in France that mock the Prophet Mohammed. Crowds massed in Jakarta, capital of the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. They condemned French President Macron’s refusal to ban the cartoons. There have been similar protests across the Muslim world.

Emergency workers in Turkey have rescued two children three days after an earthquake that killed 94 people. Applause broke out today as crews in Izmir carried a 3-year-old girl wrapped in a foil blanket to an ambulance. Efforts to find other survivors continued.

A potentially catastrophic hurricane is bearing down on Central America tonight. Eta is already a Category 4 and could get even stronger. It’s on track to strike Nicaragua overnight with winds of at least 130 miles an hour and up to three feet of rain across the region.

And on Wall Street, rallied from last week’s losses after reports on corporate profits and manufacturing came in better than expected. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 423 points to close at 26925. The Nasdaq rose 46 points, and the S&P 500 added 40.

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