Military Spouse Education – Grants and Academic Scholarships For Military Dependents

If you are married to a person who is enlisted in the US Military, either in the US Navy, the Army, or the Air Force, – and have not finished your college education, then you can take advantage of the Scholarships For Military Dependents. This program is designed for military spouses and their dependents who want to finish college. In a way, this is also an acknowledgment of the sacrices contributed by the military personnel for their country who are deployed all over the world to preserve peace.

One of the most popular option is the $ 10,000 Free Military Scholarship. Many have already finished college through this program and you can be one of them too. All you have to do is fill put an application form and proof that shows you are married to or a legal dependent of a military personnel.

College education is getting quite expensive. Fortunately for the enlisted men and women of the United States Armed Forces, college education is less than a worry for their spouses and dependents. Among other things, military scholarships are not only limited to college education.

If you are a reserve / guard, or enlisted military personnel, whether active or retired, your children can enjoy the benefits of your sacrifices as they are entitled to scholarships funded by the Defense Commissary Agency. These programs aim to help children of military personnel get good and strong educational foundation which they will need in the future.

Being military personnel has its share of sacrifices, whether big or small. But knowing that your loved ones can get good education with less or at no cost at all makes your sacrifices worth it.