Marketing – Career Study Paths

The identification, retention, and satisfaction of a consumer are the main focal points of marketing professionals. Incorporating strategy to gain consumer satisfaction can be learned through an education in marketing. Students can follow a marketing career study path based on what area of ​​they want to enter.

A career study path can be broken down into a schooling process. This means that the study path taken is what absolutely decides on the career students can enter. The three main paths that can be taken include:

  • Associates
  • Bachelor
  • Masters

… degree training. Students can enter a wide breadth of career opportunities after studying how to create product value. Take for example a soda; many consumers only buy one brand of soda continuously making the marketing efforts to create a relationship with the consumer successful. Deciding on a study path depends on what area of ​​the industry students want to work in. Work can consist of entry-level, management level, or upper-level leadership professionals that are entered after completing a specific degree program.

Many students that want to enter the field quickly to work in customer service, promotion, advertising, and buying should complete the associate's degree study path. The coursework completed trains students to use marketing theories and principles and connect them to a business situation. Curriculum explores market trends, consumer behavior, and how to create a workable advertisement. An introduction course will have students focusing on marketing products both domestically and globally. An associate's degree on average takes two years to complete. The relatively short duration of study allows students to enter the field ready for work.

A four-year bachelor's degree program is the second possible career study path. Students have more career opportunities upon completing a bachelor's degree program. Management level work can be entered in numerous fields that relate to marketing like sales, merchandising, and promotion. Most programs focus on the practice of marketing. Students study a range of topics and will likely attend courses in accounting, computer application, management, research, global marketing, and strategy. Working through this career study path enables students to understand how to identify a customers wants and be able to create a strategy to meet the design needs of a product. With the practical experience gained through courses students are able to handle their management roles with ease when it comes to making decisions about pricing, promoting, and distributing.

Most students that follow the master's career study path are working professionals that want to pursue upper-level leadership jobs. Courses focus on the decision-making and strategic procedure that is applied to work with products and their companies. Students learn to develop marketing plans for different products. Leadership skills are added to students work experience through understanding of advanced concepts. Students work through business courses and marketing courses, which gives them an overall knowledge of the industry.

The study path to enter the field of marketing is wide leaving the decision up to the students and their career goals. Beginning with an undergraduate degree teachers students practical and usable skills that are needed in multiple marketing areas. Students that want to enter a satisfying career can start by researching accredited marketing schools and colleges now. Accreditation coming from agencies like the Accreditation Commission of Career Schools and Colleges ( ) to ensure that students receive the best quality education.

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