Job Opportunities After Studying at an American University

For international students, there are obviously a ton of questions that need to be answered prior to being admitted to an American university. But after you've chosen that university to attend, and then completed your course of study there, there is a more pressing question that needs to be answered: where will you work?

The university serves, mostly, as an education that prepares you for getting employed. Depending on your degree, you will be more qualified to work in some areas than others. However, the question is not so much what specific job you will hold, as it is if you will look for a job within the United States or, return home to work.

The obvious appeal to going back to your country of origin to work is that it is where you have been raised, and where your family and many of your friends are slightly relaxed. Returning to the country you come from will ensure that you're close to these people at all times, and any cultural adjustments you will have had to have made during your stay in America will become null and void. However, it is not always the best option. One important consideration – make sure you it is legal for you to work. Typically, on campus jobs are okay, but you will need special permission, which the office of International Services can help you with, to work off campus.

For those who choose to stay in America even after they have attained their degree, there are other considerations that need to be made, too. One of these is cultural integration – it's very likely that although you've adapted to American culture over the years that you have studied there, you still have not fully adapted. Consider the job market – many places in America have been very heavily affected by a recent economic downturn, so depending on which area of ​​the market you are planning on entering, it may be in your best interest to check the employment rates of the city or state you are going to and see how it compares to other states in America.