Italian Universities Choose English

English is a language that is spoken around the world. It is used as a business language as well as an everyday communication language.

It is commonly spoken in a lot of European countries including France, Spain and Italy. In fact it is so popular in Italy that Milan University has decided to switch to English to teach its degree courses.

Milan University is a leading institution for science, engineering and architecture. From 2014, most of its degree courses will be taught in the English language.

Milan is a truly cosmopolitan city and is known for its culture and being the center of the Italian fashion world. No wonder then that they have decided to switch to English because it is a truly international language.

Milan University wanted to make sure that they are a truly global university and so they thought that using English would encourage communication across the world and increase the job prospects of their graduations.

They university's rector, Giovanni Azzone, said, "we strongly believe our classes should be international classes – and the only way to have international classes is to use the English language."

Other Italian universities are expected to follow suit in the next few years, as they compete with other international universities to attract students and produce rounded graduates with an ability to work worldwide.

In these tough economic times it is particularly important that students are given skills whilst at university that will enable them to find work. By taking a course that is taught in English they will be more employable when they leave university.

This increasing switch to using the English language in European universities means that many young people will want to brush up on their English skills if they are going to get a place on one of these university courses.

This is where English language schools can help young people to learn or improve their English so that they are at a good enough standard for university courses taught in the English language.

English language courses can be intensively taught and students can attend outside of normal study times, for instance in the summer holidays. They can even combine their English studies with enjoying a holiday and making friends.

The UK has a lot of English language schools that help foreign students to learn or improve their English skills. These language schools also offer fun excursions and time out from study to help students gain confidence and learn about English culture – which will help them to absorb the language quicker and be ready to take up a place at their chosen university.