Is it Time for a Career Change?

Are you finding yourself smack-dab in the middle of a corporate downsizing ? Are you fed up with your current job and just want to try something different? Or have you simply decided to get involved in an industry that really excites you?

Whatever the case, there is a tool you've got to use to be successful in your transition. It's called a Career Change Resume . This is a little understood but very powerful tool in the job search arena. Done correctly the Career Change Resume opens doors and gets you in at a higher level (meaning higher pay) than a regular resume.

The trick is convincing employees to give you a shot at the new job and not start you out on the bottom rung! The secret is being able to show the employer that even though you are new to the industry, you have valuable skills and abilities that will benefit him and his business.

The biggest mistake I see people make is using the same old resumes in applying for new jobs.Those Resumes will not work! The next big mistake is to write a resume that makes them appear to be completely new to the work-place , a resume that does not even show one ounce of applicable, valuable skill. That type of resume simply screams entry level pay-scale .

Here is a drill, take a good hard look at what skills and abilities you already possess. Are these skills and abilities valuable to a new employer, even in a new field? You probably have tons of applicable experience, and schooling that will translate to the new career. Do the drill, you will surprise yourself! You are a valuable person.

Now write the resume in a format that will really show off these skills and abilities and show the employer that you will be an extremely valuable member of his staff. A key to doing this well is to show how your experience at job A will translate smoothly over to job B. Be precise and clear.
Know what you are talking about.

Your Objective should clearly state what you bring to the table as an employee and give the employer a spelling reason to call you for an interview. And the body or your resume should back up your objective, Selling your transferable Skills and Abilities .

You should also send a cover letter that stresses how excited you are about the new field and focus on experience, training etc. that translates to the new field. Show your motivation and enthusiasm and sell yourself as an ideal candidate.

In this particular situation I recommend you use a resume writing professional. The reason is that you can easily lose thousands of dollars in salary with an improperly written resume yet, you can hire an incredibly skilled and talented Resume writer for only a couple of hundred dollars, does not it make sense?

Good luck in your New career!