Important Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Piano Teacher in NYC

If you are passionate about playing the piano, or you want your kids to be taught how to play it, you need to hire a professional piano teacher NYC. There are many such teachers but you need to find one that best suits your needs. Do you want the training conducted online or you want the teacher to come and train at home? Do you plan to attend formal classes for the training? These are some of the important considerations that will determine the nature and type of teacher you need to engage. In addition to the foregoing, the following are also important considerations –



Expertise of the teacher:

Is the teacher really an expert in piano? For how many years have they been playing it, and for how long have they been training? Go through the profile and CV of the teacher and take note of the experience and achievements in the field. A good teacher is one who can show persons who he or she has trained. Check whether the teacher has publications and writings on how to play the piano. An expert piano teacher will be willing to provide all the information you request with a view to evaluating their level of expertise.


Are there reviews from person who have been trained by that teacher? What do they say about his teachings? Are the teachings relevant? Read reviews online and you may also enquire for referrals and recommendations from friends in the NYC. What is the pass rate of the students who have been trained by the teacher? Reputation is important and you need ne ensure the teacher you work with has built a good name in the industry. A reputable teacher will ensure that you complete the relevant training well on time and within the agreed timeframes.


Fair pricing:

Just like any other service, quality piano classes in NYCcome at a cost. However, the cost should not be prohibitive. A good piano teacher is one who charges reasonably. In order to ensure you get quality piano classes at affordable rate, you may compare the quotes from several teachers and choose one that suits your budget.

It must be pointed that you should avoid going for the cheapest quote unless you are assured that the teacher is one who meets all the other important requirements. On the same note, the most expensive service is not always the best in terms of quality. It is thus a delicate balancing act in deciding the service which is fairly proceed, and which offers value for money.


Is the teacher recognized as such by the federation of piano teachers? This is another important consideration. Do not accept to be trained by a teacher who is not recognized as such by the relevant bodies and authorities. There are many advantages of getting trained by a certified teacher, and they include that you are assured of quality and have avenues of complaining in case the service does not meet your expectations.

Communication is very important:

If you do not communicate well, you won’t find the right teacher. As you seek quotes, ensure that you communicate you expectations, the mode of training you prefer, your location, level of skills, and any other information you feel is relevant for the teacher. This means you need to know what you want. Tell the teacher why you want to learn to play the piano, such as if you want to gain proficiency to play for your church or local community band. This is important as there are different piano beats and styles for churches, bands, schools, etc.

Teaching aids and method:

Before you make the final decision on who to offer piano lessons NYC, enquire to ensure you have information about the teaching aids available, including books, charts, DVDs, study groups, videos, etc.