How to Recover After a Bad Career Move

Reasons for Finding a New Job

Many people often dream of finding a new job due to dissatisfaction in their current one. Before making a move, you need to identify the reason or purpose that you want to do so.

Job dissatisfaction may be based on a number of reasons, such as career stagnation, not getting along with the boss and diminishing interest job duties. In some cases, you might discover the mistake in your choice very soon after joining a company.

But even if a mistake has been made, there's always a way to make things right.

Evaluate Your Job

It is wise to assess your current situation and evaluate the circumances surrounding your unhappiness before taking the next leap.

Adjustment is a big factor to take into consideration – for some it is faster, while for others it takes more time than expected. Change is not as easy as it may sound, and takes time, especially where the work culture and people are all new.

Anxiety may also build up because of disharmony. People who have been there for a far longer period than you have may not extend the cooperation that you expect.

At this point, you need to not only take stock of the situation, but to assess yourself as well. Are you anxious about learning the new job or familiarizing yourself with new procedures and processes? In your effort to succeed and perform to the expectations of your new boss, are you putting undue pressure on yourself?

Your new job may also demand more of you than you anticipated when you took the position.

Certain other aspects of a company come to light after you join. For example, the performance of the company and their financial standing may become factors of stress, which may need to be combated.

Perhaps your experience in your particular field is not sufficient, causing you some anxiety. You may have been placed in a situation to deal with circumstances that have for inexplicable reasons not having improved, in spite of the previous person that you were hired to replace.

Points on How to Recover

-Adjustment and finding your footing in a new place takes time. You should not make a hasty decision to leave. Give it some time before you make your move.

-Feelings of anxiety about settling are natural. They will subside with time, when you learn to understand the people around you and get them to trust you.

-You can learn to overcome pressures and anxieties with patience and diligence – allowing yourself some time to get used to your new surroundings and routine.

-Your financial situation, if poor, may be only temporary, and will probably improve soon. But if it takes more time than expected, then sometimes it is time to move on.

-Almost every situation can be dealt with tactfully without making the decision to leave.

Most career situations can be resolved with time and patience. However, if you have already realized that you made a mistake by joining a particular company, then you should move on as soon as possible.