How to Make a Career – Life Change

Have you've felt like your job does not match your talents, skills and attributes with who you are and what you're doing? Have you wanted to make a career / life transition, and do not know where to start? Let's take a look at the topics to consider making a life / career change. Making a career / life change is a process. It is not something you can think about for a few hours that will result in your "dream job". Sometimes we want the life / career change to be fulfilled quickly, and with little inner soul-searching. However, it does not work that way. It took you many years to get where you are today. To make a career / life change takes time as well.

It is a process that takes personal reflection time, some serious research, assessment of your skills, values ​​and attitudes, time spent in identification of an area of ​​your life that you are passionate about to help you identify your gift, listening to your true desires , then writing your goals, and creating a plan. Lastly, it is working your plan!

Before you make a decision to change your career / life, you need to clarify who you are and what are your natural gifts. This is the time to find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted or disturbed. This is a time to look inside and identify what you do best, and why you feel you do it well. Ask yourself, what distinguishes me from others who do the same thing I perform? This step is often omitted. Individuals tend to think they only need to summarize the typical work experiences from jobs, the education and the achievements realized from holding different positions. Look at your career as a composition or a piece of art that has many facets that shine and reflect who you are. You're not just a series of employment dates and companies. You are committed to many inward and outward experiences, events and accomplishments. You are more than the work experiences you've had.

Career / life transition combines your core competencies, personal values, life style and belief systems you learned as you matured. Once you've made the decision to move forward and make a change in your career or life, the next step is to assess and identify your values, skills, the roles you've performed from childhood to adult, identify the major life-changing experiences that have affected your life, or have produced great life lessons, assess your education, evaluate your past and current work experiences, identify areas of expertise, your work environment, interests, hobbies, work preferences, what you like and do not like about a job or career, and where you want to work – both geographically as well as indoors or outside. Summarizing all the components of who you are, and what's important to you, as well as your work and life experiences provides a composite picture of you, that will help you select your next career or life transition.

What Questions Do I Need to Answer to Gather Information About Making A Change?

o Who am I? What is my purpose?

o What are my skills and core competencies?

o What expertise and experience do I possess?

o What are my talents and natural abilities / gifts?

o What are my strengths?

o What are my topic three values?

o What is my passion – – what I like to do that comes easily and effortlessly?

o What are my qualities and personality traits that others compliment me?

o What is my gift?

o How committed am I to making time to make a life / career change?

o What goals do you want to accomplish in 3 months? 6 months? A year?

The key here is that career / life transition is a methodical process. To complete the process takes time. The individual needs to provide a framework to mentally prepare for the change that is occurring. Saying affirmations such as: "I am worthy to have the job, career, life transition change that brings me joy and satisfaction" and "I choose to change" joins the results that are desired.

It's your choice! Now is the time to explore the career / life transition process you've always wanted. It's time to take action and prepare yourself to move forward to your "dream job."