How to Get a Writing Scholarship

For those who wish to pursue a career in that sector getting a writing scholarship is a great way of furthering your chances, but how do you go about getting a scholarship? It’s a great question, and as there are many different scholarships around there are many different answers. Let’s have a look at some tips on getting that scholarship.

1: Find out what the scholarship is about – who is providing it, and why? What do they want from the writer, and what is the purpose of providing the scholarship? These are vital points that can all be answered with a little careful research, and knowing why a scholarship is offered, why it was founded and what is expected of the winning applicants is essential.

2: Understand what you need to do – generally you will be asked to provide a piece of writing as application for the scholarship (this assuming you meet the age and other requirements that are stipulated) and it can be very varied indeed. Some scholarships will ask you to write about yourself or what you hope to achieve, or even a personal incident or occurrence that has influenced you in some way, while others will ask you to write an answer to a question that could refer to a well known text, current affairs, or just about anything they wish. Knowing the form required is essential, and keeping strictly to the format – word count, deadline, and any other specified requirements – is absolutely vital.

3: Read the requirements carefully – sometimes this can be an inspiration in itself, and can sometimes give you a good idea of the structure of the response needed. Planning ahead – in terms of structure and form, length and content – is essential and gives you something concrete to work towards.

4: Be yourself – do not try and emulate another, and on no account plagiarise; make sure your work is 100% original and is reminiscent of you – each of us has our own style, after all, and it is individuality that drivers scholarships.

5: Research available scholarships and apply for those that are appealing to you – there is no point trying to secure an in-depth medical writing scholarship if you are uninterested and not knowledgeable about the subject; pick those you understand and go for it.

Applying for a scholarship is something that takes time and care, and if you do it correctly can be of great benefit; do not be afraid to ask advice from all quarters, as the experience of others is absolutely essential.