Guerin Emig: College football players and the election: ‘We’re the next generation of voices. It’s no longer acceptable to sit on the sidelines.’ | OU Sports Extra

But it still takes effort to fill out and mail in absentee ballots or stand in line at polling places. It takes some initiative.

Players, perhaps spurred by the commotion of their offseason, sound as if they have plenty of initiative.

“It’s a very important year with everything going on,” OU cornerback Tre Brown said. “If you’ve got the right to vote, you’ve got to take advantage of that right because you could be the change. Why wouldn’t you want to vote when you have that chance to make a difference?”

“That’s something as a nation we are gifted to be able to do,” Collins said. “Some people may not have it as good as us. There are a lot of things going on in the world right now, not just in the U.S. but all over the world, that we need to shine light on…

“That’s something we need to do, be a contributor to a society.”

Last spring and summer, these players contributed by lending their voices to issues that made us think about where we are, and how we can be better. Now, they are contributing by taking advantage of a constitutional right.

Just like spring and summer, we should all follow their lead.

OU linebacker Nik Bonitto commented several weeks ago about how teammates “gave me a better understanding of why voting is important and how it changes our society.”

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