Getting Ready To Go Back To a University

Going to a University is a major step in someone's life. It can be a change in state, location, area or just a chance in study. To make sure you are ready for your first week back writes a list of everything you may need.

  • Living in Halls: If you decide you are going to live in halls find out if it is catered or not. Find out what is included in the price. Go and look around and see how big the room / place is and write a list of things you may need. Duvets , covers, pillows, kitchen utensils, pan, cutlery, extra storage space, the list may seem endless but if you already know the people you are sharing with why not cut the cost and share items such as pans and cutlery sets.
  • Academic Work: For the first week it will all be admission to the modules and a light way of working but be prepared for each module. Find out how many modules you are taking and buying a folder for each. This way you can already from day one have in order each piece of paper work and information in the order you learnt it. This will be useful for revising tests or quoting in assignments.
  • Work Based Placements': Some courses have work based placements for these you will need to be able to communicate well to sound professional and fit in easily. Have all your documentation ready and be ready to answer questions regarding your course.Practise with friends or get a book or work based placements to help.
  • Clothes: Some students find that university students where a logo hoody of their university these can be purchased from the shop all through the year. Make sure you have a mix of casual, going out clothes and professional ones for work and interviews.