Free Online University Education

Everyone wants something free. Well probably the best thing you could get for free that has some value is an Education. Now thanks to the internet everyone can get a free University education – in just about any discipline you like. However do not expect an accreditation.

Ever hear the expression: “Nothing in Life is Free”? Or, “You get what you pay for?” The trouble with trite expressions is people start to believe them – simply because they are easy to remember. That does not imbue them with verisimilitude. Far from it. The masses swallow what is shoveled down their throat. None the less – it is possible to pick up a lot of valuable items for Free if one searches for them.

While there may be no financial outlay for free stuff the time it takes you to garner the material is what you must pay in order to get it. It is like digging for Free Gold. You buy the implements – pay for the transportation and then provide sweat labor digging in the ground to uncover your fortune.

When you go surfing it is sort of the same. You do not pay to get there – except you had to find the site. And then you need to click on the various links and follow them to see if they contain what you want. Note also – while the sites are mostly FREE and various people post their items there for FREE – you are not guaranteed anything from anyone for anybody. Why? Simply because you did not pay a dime for getting there.

Also you should know that the world if full of rogues – and if you are looking for free stuff then clearly there is opportunity for the miscreants to endeavor to take advantage of you and of our own Free Site. So beware of anything Free. Therefore please be warned and investigate all that glitters – as it may in fact not be the gold you were expecting to find for free!

There is a plethora of resources from educational institutions such as MIT and Beverly Hills University. They provide free online courses including videos and pdf downloads. Well worth investigating. Do not be concerned about not getting accreditation as the days of the stuffy noses are quickly disappearing. What counts most in an education is “what you learn”!