Create A Vision For Your Dream Life First – Career And Money Second

I have worked in the corporate world for close to 30 years now. I have also started a web based business on making life changes and have had hundreds of subscription payments from clients, money from Google and thousands more using the free tools we have developed. I'm excited not only about my career (s) but mostly excited about my life.

There are hundreds of blogs, websites and news sites giving expert advice on careers. Here is some of my advice.

Is your vision for a great life about having a great career?

Having a great career is not about constantly searching for a fairy tale company where rainbows, money and caring bosses rain down on you everyday. It is not about joining Google. Having a great career (dare I call it a job?) Is a piece of the greater vision called your life. Your life vision includes your relationships, family aspirations, health, true passions and sometimes a host of other elements that make up the whole you.

My brother raced and delivered million dollar sailboats around the world for years and now owns an accounting business in Australia. He has told me that my years of corporate experience are invaluable. What do you know? Years of hard work and dedication in a corporation also pays off! His vision of a great life life and career was much different from mine. But we both seemed to be happy with our paths. The key is that our authentic passions are embedded in our life as a whole, not only in our work.

And if you can make your passion your job, then congratulations to you!

Do you think that Google employees are thrilled when the weekend comes? They are looking forward to sailing, playing with the kids, renovating, gardening, starting another .com, or anything else that gets them away from a computer screen. Life presents an infinite amount of choices for your vision. Choose well. Your vision should be life first and career second.

If you do not make money now, you'll hate yourself later.

Money is the number one factor when choosing a job. Anyone who thinks that money is not important needs a reality check. Money is what gives you the freedom to follow your passions outside of work. Making good money opens infinite doors. You may want to start a side business, build a dream house, volunteer at an animal shelter or join a Ferrari club.

Corporations offer plenty of razzle – dazzle benefits these days – from gyms, dry cleaners, great cafeterias, nap rooms and anything else they think will attract top talent. Many people get all hot and bothered about these things, and while they have signed up for $ 50,000, their friends are making $ 70,000 + and enjoying great health and stock benefits.

So think carefully about what you want out of a company. Is it having the company do your dry cleaning? Or is it having enough money to pursue your interests outside of your job? Believing that money is not important is the most idiotic career advice anyone can give you. Money brings freedom, control and hope.

In summary:

Your vision for an extraordinary life involves much more than a great career or job. Plan your life first, career second.

Money gives you freedom, control and hope to pursue all your passions outside of work.

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