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Inside the American court system are individuals who help provide evidence for all decisions rendered by a judge and jury. These men and women are court reporters. A court reporter is responsible for numerous duties and accredited online schools and can successfully teach individuals how to work inside a courtroom as a reporter.

  • Being a professional in this field entails many tasks that need to be gained outside of writing. This career requires highly developed listening skills because the reporter has to transcribe everything that takes place during a court proceeding. Training also prepares students with other highly important skills needed like having flawless grammar and punctuation skills. Acquired skills give individuals the ability to listen and speak simultanously, while managing to describe other activities that happen within a courtroom.
  • These reporters not only have to be highly adept to the courtroom but also have to stay kept up on current events as they refer to specific cases. The skills listed above also have to be coupled with the correct usage of vocabulary and specific terminology frequently used within a courtroom. Because of the vast responsibilities students enrolled in programs have to be dedicated to learning the ins and outs of what it takes to work in this field.
  • Online programs are dedicated to providing courses with the correct knowledge in order to prepare students to be highly skilled court reporters. Gaining a degree online is beneficial because it provides more time to learn the material in a comfortable place, your own home. Programs could have students taking 85 credit hours to gain a degree. This credit amount is typical to gain an associate's degree. Cost and time needed to complete a program will vary depending on degree distinction. Tuition per semester could cost approximately $ 2,500. Other fees may include technology fees, required textbooks, and materials.
  • Online courses will instruct students on the role in the judicial process. The course will also cover how to report trials, depositions, statements, and hearings. Students could be required to accomplish the task of transcribing ten pages of transcript in two hours with 95 percent accuracy. A course like this may also include courtroom and legal terminologies.
  • Students must pass a certification exam to work as a reporter. The required certification exams may differ from state to state. For example, in California the test is intensive. The test consists of an English section, a dictation section, legal technology questions, and medical technology questions. Those students who pass the exam and further their education will receive the title of Registered Professional Reporter, a title that distinguishes individuals in the professional field.
  • Being a professional in this field requires schooling from an accredited program and dedication in order to be highly efficient in the profession. Entry-level salies typically start around $ 30,000 a year. However, the salary for a senior court reporting position could be around $ 75,000. A reporter's earnings will vary depending on the type of reporting they're doing, job experience, level of certification, and location.

Court reporting may be the fast paced career you're looking for. Start your accredited education today by searching for online schools that fit your schedule. Accreditation is provided to schools and colleges that can provide a quality education. Agencies like the Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) can provide full accreditation to various programs.

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